Wednesday, March 30, 2011

girly bobby pins

 so these are my bobby pins!  they didn't take very long to make and weren't expensive at all...i bought a pack of 48 bobby pins at the dollar store so my total comes out to be...well a dollar! haha

 all you will need is some bobby pins, scrap fabric, some jewels, and a hot glue gun
 to make the white and purple flowers i cut some small circles out of fabric.  then i folded a single circle in half and then half again and glued the tip onto a small fabric circle.  then i just kept adding and adding until it looked like a flower!
 this is what it will look like when you are all done with the flower!  cute, huh?
then simply hot glue the flower onto the bobby pin!  bam!! you have a beautiful hair accessory!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

scrappy cards

 these are my scrappy cards!  aren't they so cute?!?!  i love them!!  haha.  they were really easy to make, too...i think that's the best part!
  i have all these scraps of fabric that i don't want so i decided to make cards.
all you need is paper for the cards, a sewing machine/ hot glue gun, and fabric scraps!

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doilie table runner

 i have been wanting to make this for forever!!!! i think its the cutest thing!  i went to like five craft stores looking for crocheted doilies and i couldn't find them anywhere!!  let me tell you, i got so frustrated! haha so after all of this looking yesterday i went to all a dollar not expecting to find them and guess what!  they were there!!!!  it was a bitter sweet moment. haha
 they had two different kinds. a two pack of small and a one pack of large so i got a couple of both!
first i laid them out on the table so that i could decide what arrangement i wanted and then i hot glued the overlapping parts.  i probably would have sewed it, but sadly i am all out of white thread!  what am i going to do?!  haha i better go shopping again!  haha its a dangerous thing for me to go shopping at craft last craft store shopping spree i spent way too much!!! haha i go for one thing and i end up buying the whole store! haha

Monday, March 28, 2011

bleach spots?!?!

 so my all time favorite sweater came out of the wash with bleach spots on it!!! ahhh i was so mad!  it was the only one in the whole load that got bleached...i don't even know how it got in there! anyways there was NO way that i was going to get rid of it so i had to fix it and this is what i came up with :)  i think it turned out really cute although i still miss my plain olive sweater.  this is a no sew project by the way!

 this is what my poor sweater looked like :(  but its okay...its just an opportunity to use my super awesome creativity skills! hahaha
 i found THESE at Hobby Lobby!!! sooo cool! haha. i didn't know that they made hot glue for fabric!  im always hot gluing fabric.
 this is how i made the flowers.  i cut out strips of lace and hot glued it onto the sweater in a circle...
 and then i layered and layered and layered a bit more...
 and then it will end up looking like this!  so pretty!  and when i was done with the flowers i added some white leaves to complete my project :)
p.s. this is what the glue looks like when it comes out.  its sorta an off white color