Saturday, April 23, 2011


everything in my house always gets broken! i don't know what it is, but there is something about us Trent girls that makes things not want to work!  either the dryer is broken or possibly the vacuum, but usually its the computer!  my computer has been broken for the past two weeks!  and just yesterday my camera decided that it just didn't want to work anymore.  hence the non existing blog posts.  i have recently found that blogging is hard without a computer, but just impossible without a camera! im sorry i haven't been posting lately but because of these recent predicaments it is really hard. so just hang in there and i will be back to blogging soon!  i love every one of my followers and i hope you don't go anywhere!

Monday, April 18, 2011

tasty treats- fruit pizza

the first time i had fruit pizza was at my sister in laws bridal shower.  they were so good i couldn't believe i have never tried one!  they are definitely one of my favorite desserts!
you will need sugar cookie dough.  you can either buy it in the store or make your own.  i bought mine because i am lazy! haha.  first you will need to spray your pan and lay out the cookie dough.  i found that it was easiest to push it down with a spoon.  pop it in the oven and follow the cooking directions in the recipe/ wrapper...

then you will need to cut up lots of fresh fruit into chunks.  i used strawberries, mangoes, pineapple, and kiwi!
then to make the icing you will need:
8 oz cream cheese
2Tbs water
2Tbs vanilla flavoring
1 cup white sugar

then just mix it all up with a mixer or you could also use a blender.  i have used both and i like that the blender mixes it fast but its harder to clean than the its just whatever you prefer.  then after the cookie crust comes out of the oven you will need to wait for it to cool off for a couple of minutes so that it doesn't come apart when you try to spread the frosting on
then just lay out all of your fruit on top of the cream cheese frosting and cu t into squares!  enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

scrap booking with book pages

 these are the scrapbook pages that i made last night!  i love them!!  i wanted to scrapbook using book pages and this is what they turned out to be!  i LOVE scrap booking.  i have been scrap booking ever since i was like 7 years old.  my mom would sit down with me and we would scrapbook.  it was probably my favorite thing to do with my mom!
 t he first thing i did to find inspiration was that i went looking through my scrap booking supplies and found some ink pads that i liked.  i love these colors together!

 then i went through my scraps of fabric and found fabric that matched my colors
 then i found some stamps that i wanted to use.  these ones are close to my heart stamps.  i like these a lot because they don't take up much space when you're storing them and also when you're stamping you can see through the clear block so you know exactly where you're positioning it.
 the first thing i did was i glued the book pages down with double sided sticky tape and i distressed them with ink.  then i distressed the picture with the new close to my heart paper distress-er.  i like using it because its super easy to use and it works really well!
 then i stamped some brackets, cut them out, and put foam sticky things on the backs so that they would stand out
 then for the sparkly brackets i used this Versa Mark stamp pad.  its clear and sticky so that little things like glitter can stick to least that's what i use it for. haha.
i also used Martha Stewart's glitter!  i LOVE glitter!!  i got a huge pack of pretty much every shade of color you could imagine... i was really happy! haha.
after i stamped the brackets with the sticky ink i poured glitter over them then i cu t them out and put foam popper uppers on them just like the other page
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Monday, April 11, 2011

whats cookin? chicken, bacon, and ranch burritos

 these are to die for!!!   i got the idea from Del Taco! haha.  they have a new bacon and ranch chicken burrito and i tried it...i was so good! haha but anyways i really wanted some and i was deciding what i should make for dinner, so i just made these!  they are probably the easiest thing you will ever make and at the same time they are so tasty!  i hope you enjoy :)
you will need:
medium sized tortillas
chicken breast ( already cooked)
green sauce
bacon bits
sour cream

to make:
dice the tomatoes and cut the lettuce into strips
cut up the chicken into chunks and cook on the stove 
assemble you burrito with your tortilla and chicken
put the green sauce, ranch, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon bits, and sour cream on as toppings 
and enjoy!

Friday, April 8, 2011

fashionista friday- my little blue sweater

 this is my blue sweater!!  i love it with this yellow dress and my white fishnets!  my sister gave this to me and i never wore it, so i decided to refashion it!  i love refashioning clothes...if you couldn't tell. haha! first i dyed it this pretty shade of blue, then i hot glued some flowers and jewels on.  i RARELY sew my refashions haha.  happy fashionista Friday!!

these are the only before pictures i could find!  haha.  this was when i was in 8th grade...i think.  me and my friends were crazy!  my hair is so long and i have braces!! haha oh goodness...