Thursday, June 30, 2011

two for one special

skirt/ shirt: thrifted (refashioned)
Gap shorts: Platos Closet
belt: forever 21
jean jacket: Target
lace shirt: Forever 21
boots: Walmart
scarf: Charlotte russe

This is probably the best and easiest refashion i have ever done!  it seriously took me like 5 minutes!!  im really happy with how it turned out too!  i think its super cute and i love that i can wear it either as a shirt or a skirt.  its one piece of of clothing but it could make two totally different outfits!  i love both of these outfits, but i think my favorite is where im wearing it as a shirt.  when its a shirt its just so loose and relaxed and it looks so cute with a belt!

p.s.  i really love my makeup!!  haha i think i did a good job.  im pretty much makeup illiterate so i usually dont put a lot on, but i think i did a really good job!  i even put eyeliner on!  oooh! haha

p.p.s.  im doing my first hair tutorial tomorrow!!  excited?  me too! haha im going to show you how to do THIS hairstyle!

 this is what it looked like before.  it was a dress and about three sizes too small!! haha

now for the tutorial!

first i measured how long i wanted it to be and i cut it...with scissors.  so complicated! haha

then i measured some elastic big/ small enough to snugly fit me.  then i pinned and sewed it.  that's it!!  isn't that the easiest refashion ever???  i think it is! haha.  have a wonderful Thursday!!


Meet Virginia Design

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

crop top & blog goals

refashioned top: Papaya
joe jeans: swapped (blogger swap meet up)
scarf: Charlotte Russe
bangles: Charlotte Russe
flats: Charlotte Russe
belt: Forever 21
purse: D&G

so the other day i refashioned this shirt and i LOVE the way it turned out but i am so sad that i dont have a before picture!  i took one but it is blurry beyond blurry!  so just imagine a sleeveless frock with a ruffled bottom...yep thats it!  i really wanted this to have sleeves so i wouldnt always have to find something to go with it, so i cut off the bottom ruffle and sewed them onto the shoulders for sleeves!  i also made this a crop top so that it is shorter in the front and longer in the back.  you cant tell that much in these pictures...i should have gotten a side view picture...oh well,  but it is a crop top and i followed liz's wonderful instructions to make one!  she is like the refashioning queen!  she always has the best projects and the cutest style! i also got to meet her along with many other wonderful bloggers at the blog meet up (which was also a swap meet, so i got lots of cute clothes...i also got these cute cute cute jeans that im wearing)!  i had lots of fun meeting everyone.  i will have pictures soon...maybe, if i can figure out how to get them off of flikr. haha im still learning, okay?  anyways you should go check out liz's blog, C&C and if you want to learn how to make a crop top you can see the full tutorial here!

i have found that the more i sew the better i get, and the more work i out into it!  this is probably the best sewing ive ever done!  i have a lot of projects to share, i just have to post them.  i am getting so bad at posting regularly...sorry!  i probably belong in blogger prison...haha.  so my goals for my blog are:

1. post at least every other day .  i really suck at this right now!! haha.  i was to be more consistent in my postings instead of just posting whatever and whenever.

2. post more crafts and cooking projects!  i originally started this blog as a craft blog with a few sewing projects but as i evolve my blog evolves.  i have been posting a lot of refashions and outfits but thats because thats what i love the most and its just easier for me to refashion something than to come up with a new and exciting craft.  im not saying that i dont like crafts because i do, im just saying that i like refashioning more.  can you tell that this has been on my mind for a while?  haha. okay on to

3. have you noticed that i havent been doing fashionista fridays?  well thats mostly because i feel its pointless to have one day for fashion when i post about it all the time and so i have decided to make it into a linkt party where you can link up your refashions or outfits... i really what to know if people would be interested so just leave a comment saying if you would want to do this or not...thanks!

4.  i LOVE each and every one of my followers!!  you guys are the best!  you guys always have the nicest things to say and are never negative!  so to thank you guys for being such great readers i want to start having giveaways!  i already have two lined up and im excited to share with you guys!!

5. i want to be a more well rounded blogger, so what would you guys like to see more of?  what would you like to see less of?  please let me know how i can be better.  thanks guys!

p.s. i dyed my hair darker!  i like it!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Florence + The Machine = LOVE

Have you guys ever heard of Florence and The Machine???  I LOVE her!  you might recognize her form the Eclipse soundtrack!  i first found her on Pandora and as soon as i listened to one song i was hooked!  she is such a unique singer. i think that is what i love most about her.  her videos are a little bit too unique though haha, but what music video isn't a little strange?

Friday, June 24, 2011

restyled jellies

  restyled shirt: Ross
leggings: Target
jean jacket: Target
restyled jellies: Target
ring: Rue 21

arent these so cute??  i seriously cannot believe that i thought of this! haha.  i was just looking through my closet while cleaning my room and i saw them and thought...hey i should weave fabric into them! haha.  they look really cute with this outfit too.  i was so tempted to make ANOTHER circle scarf for this outfit...i have a obsessed with my circle scarves!  haha.  pretty soon i will have one in every color!  but its okay because i stopped myself!  it was going to be hot pink to match the shoes but then i thought to myself...i hate hot pink and it really doesn't look good with this outfit.  haha...anyways don't you just love my my middle part??  i was soooo brave today! haha.  i think it looks pretty cute though....anyways here is how i redid my shoes!

1. find some old jellies.  i found mine at Target.

2. you will need scissors, fabric, jellies (or shoes that have holes so you can weave fabric through them) , and  a hot glue gun

3. first cut out strips of fabric

4.  start weaving your fabric!  i started at the top.  whenever you start a new strip of fabric just put some hot glue onto it and press it down firmly before you start to weave.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

braided headband tutorial

i made this headband for my outfit yesterday.  i think it is really cute!  i love how big the braids are and i love how it is fraying!  just in case you were wondering, this is my beautiful sister Kelsie!  she is the one always behind the camera.  thanks to her i have so many cute photos of my outfits on my blog!  shes older than me by 5 years and most people think that im older than her. hahaha...she doesn't like it.  this one time she went into the nursery at church with her kids ( she has two) and the lady in there asked her what her brothers name was! haha she wasn't very happy about that haha.

don't you love her shorts??  they're cute huh??  they used to be blue jeans!  we both bleached our jeans...mine still have some bleaching to do but when they're done i will most certainly share!  so anyways here is the tutorial!

 you will need  some fabric, elastic, and a pair of scissors
 first measure your head and cut a strip of fabric long enough for your head and wide enough to braid.  then cut that strip of fabric into thirds, but when you get to the end leave some fabric uncut
 then braid the fabric.  i did two sets of braids
 then cut a piece of elastic out and sew the braided end that is cut to it. trim off the extra fabric
 once it is sewn and trimmed, take the other braid with the uncut side...
 and wrap it around the other braid so that you cant see the messiness anymore
then sew it on.  do this to both sides and you're done!

Monday, June 20, 2011

scalloped shorts

shirt: Charlotte Russe
shorts: hand me down (restyled)
scarf: made it
headband: made it
purse: Target
Toms: Nordstrom
belt: Forever 21

aren't these shorts the CUTEST?!?  i love them so much!  i first saw them at "Sweet Serendipity Design".  first of all i LOVE her blog and i love the idea or prettying up some old cut off jeans!  she has the best refashions and the cutest outfits so if you have some time... or preferably, you should make some time to go and check out her site!  you're welcome! haha.  i love refashioning things!  before i made these shorts all cute and scalloped i never wore them!  they were that piece of clothing that has been passed down so much that i didn't really think there was any hope left...but there was!  i fell in love with them all over again (awww, tender moment) and let me just say that i love. this. outfit!  half of it was made by me or refashioned!  i am so proud! haha.

so you see this super cute braided headband?  do you love it??  haha i sure do!  it completes me!  haha i made it today after i got home from school.  i will be posting a tutorial on how to make it tomorrow!  so make sure to stay tuned!

p.s. don't you just love my beach cruiser??  ahhh its so cute!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

freezer paper stenciled shirt

shirt: made it
shoes: Walmart
GAP shorts: Platos Closet
scarf: i made it
ring: forever 21
headband: Target

 this is my new shirt!!  i LOVE how it turned out!!  i have never freezer paper stenciled anything before so this was kind of an experiment.  this used to be my boyfriends shirt...its mine now!!  hahaha.  i love how this whole outfit meshes together, its really summery and light.  i also really like the color combo!  the teal goes really well with the bright yellow!  speaking of the bright yellow...this is another circle scarf!  i really like making these because they're sooo easy and really cute!  at first i tried to dye this with mustard  (it used to be white) but it didn't turn out as good as i thought it time i think i will leave it on for longer next time.  so after that didn't work i just dyed it all yellow with yellow RIT dye.

This whole outfit cost around $11!!  the shirt was free and so was the scarf then the shorts were only $5...i love platos closet! haha.  then the sandals were $3 and the ring was also $3!  i love cheap clothes!  haha who doesn't??  oh and i forgot to mention the hair!  i have been trying different hair styles lately and i really like this one!  its a hair bow!  literally!  it didn't take much time to do and it was really easy but it took a lot of bobby pins!  i will be doing a tutorial on it soon!

im always the last person to find out about things!  i must live under a rock or something...i didn't know how to freezer paper stencil until a couple of days ago...and have you heard of kid history on you tube??  of coarse you have because everybody has seen it except for me!  well i was watching it like all day yesterday  hahaha it it so funny!  me and my sister have been quoting it like non stop!!  "don't.....punch.....our car"! hahahah....wait wait this one is my favorite... "are you jumping on the trees?!?  are you jumping on the houses?!? haha wow...i need to get out of the house more.  so if you live under a rock like me and don't know how to freezer paper stencil, yay im not alone and here is a simple tutorial i put together for you!  you're welcome :)
 first you will need some freezer paper and a t shirt, i stole mine from my boyfriend...well he actually gave it to me but whatever...and you will need an exact o knife to cut it out.

 after you cut out your pattern whatever it might be now you iron it onto your shirt with the waxy side down.  once it is stuck to your shirt you can start painting it! yay!!

once it is all painted and dry you can remove the paper and iron the shirt.  when you iron your shirt you will need to put a piece of fabric over it so that your shirt doesn't get ruined.  once you have ironed it stick it in the washer.  tada now you have a beautiful new shirt!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

restyle your shoes with markers!

these are my favorite!!  i LOVE the colors!!  haha these are my favorite colors to pair together...they just look so good i cant resist!  haha.  these took a little longer than i thought they would, but it definitely paid off!  when i first got them they were just plain old white...BORING!!  i had to change them, so i decided to color them with permanent markers.  i think they're perfect for summer!  thanks for stopping by!  have a happy Thursday!