Thursday, June 30, 2011

two for one special

skirt/ shirt: thrifted (refashioned)
Gap shorts: Platos Closet
belt: forever 21
jean jacket: Target
lace shirt: Forever 21
boots: Walmart
scarf: Charlotte russe

This is probably the best and easiest refashion i have ever done!  it seriously took me like 5 minutes!!  im really happy with how it turned out too!  i think its super cute and i love that i can wear it either as a shirt or a skirt.  its one piece of of clothing but it could make two totally different outfits!  i love both of these outfits, but i think my favorite is where im wearing it as a shirt.  when its a shirt its just so loose and relaxed and it looks so cute with a belt!

p.s.  i really love my makeup!!  haha i think i did a good job.  im pretty much makeup illiterate so i usually dont put a lot on, but i think i did a really good job!  i even put eyeliner on!  oooh! haha

p.p.s.  im doing my first hair tutorial tomorrow!!  excited?  me too! haha im going to show you how to do THIS hairstyle!

 this is what it looked like before.  it was a dress and about three sizes too small!! haha

now for the tutorial!

first i measured how long i wanted it to be and i cut it...with scissors.  so complicated! haha

then i measured some elastic big/ small enough to snugly fit me.  then i pinned and sewed it.  that's it!!  isn't that the easiest refashion ever???  i think it is! haha.  have a wonderful Thursday!!


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  1. Cute!!! Love it! I also love the blog redesign too.

  2. I love the new look of your blog...very pretty and colorful!
    I actually have a sundress that looks very close to this that I bought at Walmart for $3 and did not try on and of course is way too this would work perfectly!!! thanks for the awesome idea!!! :)

  3. Very cute! And I think you'll make a great fashion designer too! :)

  4. very cute! I love refashioned clothes!

  5. What an excellent idea! I had never thought of something like this! :D

  6. Very cute refashion! I love the pictures too :)
    Stopping by from S&T

  7. Very cute, love the versatility! I'm adding this on the to do list for sure!

  8. I have a few skirts I could do this with. Never thought to wear them this way. Thanks:>

  9. Nice refashion. I'm always on the lookout for ideas for my rummage sale finds.

  10. Great job! I like it as a top too, and I also think your makeup looks lovely!

  11. Very cute 2 for 1 recycled refashion!! It came out great!! Stopping by from Show and Tell Saturday and your newest follower!!

    Come on by my blog when you have a moment. Here is what I shared this week:

    Happy 4th of July!!

  12. Love it! I'm definitely doing this. Thank you for your inspiration. Your pictures are awesome, you're really pretty. I wish I could get shots like yours!

  13. Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog! I love this and see what you're talking about now. What a cute top/skirt. A perfect refashion!

  14. I am so in love with these looks!! I love how you re-fashioned this floral. And, I'm in love with your blog. I'm your 90th follower!

  15. Okay totally jealous of your sewing skills!! Your skirt is beautiful! What a great find

  16. Here from Thriftaholics; and new follower. I love this find and redo! Thanks for sharing, Madison.