Saturday, July 2, 2011

bohemian bun tutorial

this is one of my all time favorite hairstyles to do.  its so easy and it takes me about 10 minutes to do!  i really love hairstyles that dont take much time to do because the less time it takes me to do my hair the later i can sleep in for school! haha.  my hair is short, so i have to use lots of bobby pins and it doesn't stay in a bun all too well, but if you have longer hair then it will work great.  here is how you do it!

first i brushed out my hair ( i always do this right after i get out of the shower when my hair is wet because its easier to work with) and i started twisting my bangs, you could either twist or braid, but i twist because im not very good at braiding my bangs

then once i twisted my hair i brought it to the back of my head and pinned it.  try to pin it as low as you can so that when you make your bun you wont see the bobby pins...i obviously fail at this. haha its okay though.  i always put the oins in so that they are criss crossing , they always stay in better when i do this.

after i twisted and pinned my hair i brought it back into a low pony tail

then i twisted my hair into a bun and pinned it.  once i did this i made sure that all the lose hairs were pinned and i sprayed it with hair spray.


  1. Cute hairstyle! My hair is as short as yours, and I think it looks great on you, so I'm definitely gonna try to attempt this!

  2. Very cute & loving your new header. I'm giving my blog a bit of a refresh this week too!

    Kelly xo
    Elegantly Academic

  3. I like this. I have short hair too, but I think this will work. Super cute thanks for sharing:>

  4. your header is bright and colorful to very summery. love it:>

  5. So creative! I am going to try this hairstyle today.

    Your newest follower,

    (come follow me?)

  6. love this! i saw this in a couple of the link parties i entered and i had to come comment because i posted an updo tutorial! im hair obsessed. :) love this!

    the style projects