Saturday, July 2, 2011

blogger meet up!

last saturday i went to this awesome blogger meet up party!  it was tons of fun and filled with yummy   treats,great bloggers and clothes!  thats right, clothes!  it was also a swap party.  i got lots of goodies that i am super excited to share with you and lots of things that im planning for refashions!  i had a lot of fun at this party! i have never gone to one before and it was exciting to meet the bloggers that were like celebrities to me!  haha i was freaking out inside but dont worry i played it cool. hahaha...kidding...but really.  im a little socially awkward.  haha.  i have gotten better over the years and the way i think i fix it is that i just babble...a lot.  and this is what i did...yeah.  haha anyways i had tons of fun and i cant wait for the next one!


  1. I hope they have another one so I can come. I was out of town for the last one...

  2. oh my goodness redoing chairs is the easiest thing in the world!!! I'm embarrassed for even doing a tutorial on you should definitely give it a try! especially if you can sew, girl, that's way harder!

    by the way this party looks SO fun! I'm so jealous whenever i see all this fun stuff going on... I live in Minnesota so I'm always far away from all the blogging action!