Tuesday, January 24, 2012

thrifting adventures

blazer: thrifted $2!
button up: thrifted
sweater: thrifted
jeans: JC Penny's
flats: thrifted

My outfit is almost 100% thrifted!  a couple weeks ago savers was having one of their 50% off sales and i was so there!  and my oh my was it crazy!  my adrenaline was pumping and i was on a roll!  this blazer is one of the treasures that i snatched up and for only 2 bucks!  the crazy people and bad smell were definitely worth it!  but man do i have a story for you guys!  so since it is so packed with people wanting to try things on we were only allowed to try on six items at a time so i got clever and had Loys stand in line for me while i tried things on so that once i was done i wouldn't have to wait long to try my next set of clothes on.  well the lady behind us did not like this very much and as soon as she saw me heading back to the dressing room the started chewing Loys out (in spanish) and he was very traumatized by this event.  poor guy.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

lets learn something new

shirt: thrifted
skirt: Forever 21
belt: thrifted
tights: Forever 21
heels: Burlington Coat Factory

shirt: JC Penny's
jeans: JC Penny's
shoes: JC Penny's

this was my firts attempt at using the self timer on my camera.  i think it went pretty well!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a braided beauty

shirt: Plato's Closet
jacket: Target
jeans: H&M
skirt (worn as a scarf): thrifted (restyled)
purse: NPS
shoes: Burlington Coat Factory

Strange fact: when i'm bored i play around with my hair...and this is how this braided beauty came to be.  it took me about 10 tries but i finally got it!  yes!

so anyways, My dear loys is going away to Job Corps next Tuesday until August.  I'm not quite sure how i feel about this.  I'm happy because this is something he really wants to do but I'm sad because hes leaving in less than a week.  i think I'm still in the denial stage where you know its going to happen but you haven quite come to the realization emotionally.  i have no idea what I'm going to do...i even had to learn how to use the timer on my camera because he wont be around to take pictures!  and i guess i have to get my license now because i wont have him to drive me around.  i am such a slacker!

Monday, January 9, 2012


sweater: Old Navy
skirt: H&M
belt: thrifted
tights: Forever 21
hat: Forever 21

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Giveaway winner!

 the My Memories Giveaway winner is... Kelsie!

 Kelsie said...
Aw, you guys are so cute! I hope I win! :)

Thanks to everyone who entered, if you did'nt win, but still want the software you can enter this code  STMMMS13723 to receive $10 off your purchase!