Sunday, October 16, 2011

fish tails

shirt: thrifted
jacket: Target
belt: thrifted
purse: NPS
skirt (refashioned): thrifted
clogs: thrifted 
earrings: Forever 21
i have been wanting a fishtail skirt for the longest time and i finally got up the courage to chop up one of my skirts!!  i am in love with it!!  i wasn't quite sure what to pair this beauty with, so i just went with the basics.  i picked those clogs up at the thrift store last week for $5!!  i saw them when they were at target and i wanted them, but i didn't buy them and i am so glad i didn't because $5 is such a steal!

and this is what it looked like before...three sizes too big! haha

Saturday, October 15, 2011

loving fall

shirt: Plato's Closet
cardigan: Plato's Closet
7's corduroys: Downeast
locket: Downeast
purse: NPS
shoes: thrifted
earrings: Forever 21

let me just say, i LOVE fall!  everything about it is the best...the food, the scenery and even the beautifully layered outfits!!  i think this is probably my all time favorite outfit!  and everything was so cheap!  are you ready for this??  okay,  those corduroys are seven for all mankind and they were only $13!  and i didn't even pay for them with my own money because i won a gift-card to downeast.  i also bought that locket with my gift was only $3.50!  then the shirt was $5 and the cardigan was $10 but technically i didn't pay for those either because i sold clothes to platos closet and i bought them with the money they gave me so pretty much it was a trade.  then the other day i went to NPS which is a  discount store.  they have everything there!  they even have designer clothes and accessories!  i even saw Christian Louboutin shoes!  OH MY GOSH they were so beautiful!!  they were only $100, but do i have $100 to spend on shoes?  but i got this purse there and it was only $14!!  oooh yeah!  and i have been wanting one like that since forever!  and the other day i went thrifting and i found those beautiful shoes...i mean just look at them!!  guess how much they were!!!  they were only $7!!  so technically i only spent  $22 on this outfit!  i am so good!  how is your guys' fall shopping going?  have you found any awesome deals?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a home suit for a...hobo

 shirt: Charlotte Russe
skirt: Gap
scarf: Made by me!
boots: Walmart

yesterday i took my outfit pictures with my friend Aubree!  that girl is a ball of fun!  we took our pictures by this awesome run down building!  looks like a home suit for a hobo...mattress included!!

after we took pictures we went to the river woods to get some ice cream!  Aubree and loys were super excited because they sell blue bell ice cream which is big down from Utah so i wouldn't know.  but Aubree is from Texas and she says things like y'all and girrllll!!  haha she is hilarious!  even though Ive never heard of it, it was super delish! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011


this weekend me and loys went on a date!  for the first a long time!  we went to kneaders.  it was so good!  they have the best sandwiches ever and their fruit tarts are to die for!!!!  Ive been gone for a while so i will bring you all up to speed. okay ready?  loys fell off his bike and broke his collar bone and wrist and about two weeks later he got fired from his job...the week he turned 18.   then he bought a car and just yesterday it got totaled.  but the good news is that his insurance is paying for a new one and he gets a rental car on Monday until he can get a new one.  some more good news is that loys got two new jobs.  he works for Rise where he does activities with kids that have behavioral and mental issues.  hes really excited about it!  and his other job is a Currier for Firestone delivering orders to other shops.  im doing better in school.  its less stressful and i am understanding everything better.  everything is looking good and my life is less hectic.  oh and im earning some money from cleaning.  about $240 a month so that's pretty good!  i hope you guys have a wonderful week!