Saturday, September 24, 2011


um yeah so you may be wondering where in the world i have been!  well pretty much my life is school!  sooooo much fun!  NOT!  school is so stressful, i pretty much had a breakdown yesterday.  i have a big fat f in math and my fashion teacher hates me. that is my super sad life...oksy im done with my mini pitty party.  here are some happy things!

1. i made new friends!!  i cant believe i was so worried about not having friends!  silly me!!
2. i made first chair II violins in my orchestra
3. its finally FALL!!!!
4. i watched project runway all day today and i loved every second of it!
5. my abs that good way when you know you really worked out!
6. i stayed after in math for probably a total of 27 hours these past two weeks but now i understand!
7. i made the cutest skirt ever!!  (im sharing the tutorial by the way!)
8. i threw a surprise party for loys' 18th birthday and he loved it!
9. loys got fired...but he just got hired!
10. i need a job...pier one is hiring!  am i going to apply? heck yes!!
11. i LOVE this song!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sushi Ya!

so last night my wonderful loys brought me out to get sushi!!  I LOVE SUSHI!!!  on the other hand loys doesn't like it so much that's why he is so wonderful!  he goes out to sushi AND goes thrifting with me!  man, hes a keeper!  look how HUGE those rolls are!  seriously, every other place i have gone to they give me like five pieces of sushi that are like half the size of that....these are monster rolls!  yeah and i ordered three!  do you think little Madison could finish them all?  HECK TO THE NO!!!  i was so full after i ate like 12 ...that's only half, my friends!  and if you get all you can eat then they charge you for the ones you DIDN'T eat...unfair!!  so unfair!  but it was okay because we decided to pay by the roll which ended up to be cheaper, who knew?  besides the fact that i couldn't eat all of my beautiful sushi it was delicious! yeah you see that one on the far left...its deep fried.  it was amazing!!!  AND it had cream cheese ooohhhh to die for!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

i like your corn field

top: thrifted
sweater: Plato's Closet
jeans: JC Penny's
belt: thrifted
shoes: Forever 21

  isn't this corn field sweet??  haha i apparently thought so...don't even ask what im doing in that picture cause i don't even know...yeah you know the one!  so yeah i threw this outfit together in like 5 seconds right before running out the door to pick up loys from work, yes he does ride on the back of my scooter and yes he does get laughed at...poor guy. haha.  we rode over to his apartment today and we had to map out an extra long route that had roads 35 and under because poor little vino ( my scooter) cant go all...especially when loys is riding with me.  oh and i feel very accomplished because today i put gas in the tank alllll by myself!  im a big girl now!  haha i even paid for it, a whole three dollars!!  the cashier looked at me weird when i only handed her three dollars to put in the tank but it really does fill it up! haha.  so anyways its 10:00 and i have school tomorrow and i still need to do homework so catch ya on the flip side!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

look mom, im wearing jeans!

shirt: thrifted (restyled)
undershirt: Forever 21
jeans: JC Penny's
sandals: Wakmart
I'm alive everyone!!  i think i have earned the worst blogger award....i haven't posted in a week!  tsk tsk.  im so busy now that school has started!  but my goal is to post at least three times throughout the week...lets see how it goes!  so anyways i had a pretty good weekend.  on thursday loys had his work  party which was fun, we went swimming and he won a new flip video camera!  he was really excited haha.  then on Friday i went to a football game with my new friend jade.  we lost.  really badly.  it was still fun though!  then yesterday i made this shirt then went out shooting( thats why i have ear plugs in these pictures) with loys and his cousin c ray ( Christopher).  i did pretty well, guys!  haha anyways that was my weekend, how was yours?  did you guys do anything fun?

oh and this is what the shirt looked like yeah.  oh my gosh!  its a long weekend!  im so excited!!