Saturday, September 24, 2011


um yeah so you may be wondering where in the world i have been!  well pretty much my life is school!  sooooo much fun!  NOT!  school is so stressful, i pretty much had a breakdown yesterday.  i have a big fat f in math and my fashion teacher hates me. that is my super sad life...oksy im done with my mini pitty party.  here are some happy things!

1. i made new friends!!  i cant believe i was so worried about not having friends!  silly me!!
2. i made first chair II violins in my orchestra
3. its finally FALL!!!!
4. i watched project runway all day today and i loved every second of it!
5. my abs that good way when you know you really worked out!
6. i stayed after in math for probably a total of 27 hours these past two weeks but now i understand!
7. i made the cutest skirt ever!!  (im sharing the tutorial by the way!)
8. i threw a surprise party for loys' 18th birthday and he loved it!
9. loys got fired...but he just got hired!
10. i need a job...pier one is hiring!  am i going to apply? heck yes!!
11. i LOVE this song!!


  1. I haven't been posting much either because i have been crazy busy with ballet costumes....oh and school! Lol. Also i suck in math too! Are you just as excited as I am about fall wardrobes?


  2. Oooohhh... I miss you guys! I can't wait to come see you guys this next weekend