Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Jet Plane

i found this song a little while ago and i am in love with it!!  seriously...ive listened to it like five times today already! haha.  i want to get away on a big jet plane!

Friday, July 29, 2011

red smooches

shirt: JC Penny's
skirt: swapped
belt: thrifted
shoes: Walmart

dont you just LOVE this skirt?? i do!  i love all the pretty colors and the shape is perfect!  and the best part?  i didnt have to pay for it!  it was swapped!  free clothes are THE BEST!!
red lipstick!  oooh yeah!  i finally got up the courage to wear it!  ive always been scared to wear it but i finally just got up the courage...and the only reason i persuaded myself to wear it was because it matched my outfit. haha i am such a wimp!  anyways i was pretty proud of myself!!  the down side about red lipstick is that it gets everywhere!  whenever i would kiss loys he had red lips too! haha sorry hun!  would you guys rock red lips?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

everything happens for a reason

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." 
— Marilyn Monroe
 Dress: thrifted  (restyled)
belt: thrifted
shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
earrings: Forever 21 ( 5 for $1.50!!)

sorry i haven't posted a refashion for a couple of days!  Ive been busy with guest posts and engagement pictures!  and because i didn't really want to refashion anything.  the past couple of days i was in a funk.  i felt like all of my refashions were turning out badly and not blog worthy.  i also felt that i couldn't put a single cute outfit together!  it really sucks to feel like youre not good at what you do best! haha, but im better now.  i think i was trying to do so many things that i couldnt just sit down and think about what i wanted it to be.  so i have limited myself to one refashion a day...yeah i was doing multipule refashions, like three a day.  so this dress has been refashioned twice. haha...yeah.  i HATED how it looked the first time!  at first i decided that i wanted ruffle sleeves which took me like a half an hour to sew...and i didnt even like how it turned out!  so i wore it anyway thinking oh well maybe if i wear it for a little bit i will start liking it more...yeah, it just made it worse! haha but i love it now!!  i love the ruffles!  dont you think it would look cute with mustard yellow tights and some cowboy boots??  ooohh yeah!

p.s. i also came to the conclusion that i need new shoes!  i wear these with everything!! haha

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tori from Fashion, Trends & More

hey everybody!  today i am so excited to have over Tori from Fashion, Trends & More!!  her blog is filled with cute outfits and awesome DIY projects!  so hop on over there and say hi!  p.s.  this is both mine and Tori's first blog swap!  super exciting! haha

Hi! I am Tori over from Fashion, Trends & More. How awesome is it that I get to guest post on Madison Avenue? Pretty sweet, I think! Okay, about myself. I am a rising junior that lives in Virginia. You could say fashion is my passion(I know, I know, could I be any cheesier?). I also love to sew/ do DIYs, take photos, blog and shop. I would describe my style as feminine yet still classic. Almost everyday, you will find me wearing skirts and dresses complimented with adorable earrings. I never leave my house without earrings on.
A few days ago I wore this cute little outfit. This week, it has been over a hundred degrees where I live so my recent outfits have been pretty simple. My goal for this outfit was to look chic while still keeping cool. I achieved this by throwing on a pretty, peachy lightweight vintage blouse over a cami and my favorite black skirt. To complete the look, I added black heels, a geometric necklace, my black skinny belt and some rings.

Blouse: vintage
Black skirt: H&M
Heels: Naturalizer
Necklace: DIY
Belt: Forever 21
Rings: Charlotte Russe
Stud earrings: Forever 21?

Friday, July 22, 2011

giveaway winner!

hey guys!  thanks to those who entered my giveaway!  the winner of my floral head wrap is...

#9 Anna from Sweet Serendipity Design! 
Anna said...So so cute, I'm a follower of course! Everything you make is so darn cute!! 

thanks so much, Anna!  shes so sweet!  Ive actually met Anna and she is just as sweet in person!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the dreaded house coat series: chapter 1

shirt (restyled): thrifted
undershirt: Wet Seal
pants: hand me down
shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
headband: made by me
earrings: Forever 21 (5 pairs for 1.50!!)

i founf this AWESOME house coat the other day when i went thrifting!  the bright colors and amazing floral pattern caught my eye.  this was probably the best buy ever!  it had so much fabric!!  seriously...i made three things from it, including this crop top. 


1. i cut off the bottom
2. i cut off the button edge and the collar
3. i sewed up the front and made it the back so that there wasnt a seam in the middle of my front. haha.  then i made a new neckline...i did this by putting it on myself and drew where i wanted it, you could also trace one from another shirt.  then i cropped it and sewed some seams

this week was awesome!!  lots of good news and opportunities!  isnt it funny that the things you need come when you have absolute no idea what youre going to do?  so this week i found out that my local botique favotite botique is hiring!!  have i mentioned how badly i need a job?  k...its the cutest vintage botique where i could design things in the store!  oh my gosh!  okay so here is a story for you guys.  yesterday my super wonderful boyfriend saw that they were hiring and decided to get an application on his way home.  while he was there he told the lady how i am so talented and how i have a blog and floral experience (i think he might be more excited than me...maybe)  but he said that she was excited to meet me and that they want me to bring in some pictures of things that i have done on my blog and also my floral experience.  so pretty much this is my dream job and im very qualified.  i never thought that my floral green house class would come in handy, but what do you know!  it is!!  i really hope that i get this job!  i feel really confident that i would do a good job.

also, if i get this job i will get two whole credits!  the only two credits left until i can graduate next a junior!  i have pretty much been working my butt off this summer.  waking up at 6:00 every morning and sitting in the same chair for four hours...summer school.  i am so glad i did it though because thats a whole credit that i have ONLY six weeks!  compared to two year long classes, yeah ill take the six weeks thank you very much!  so IF i get this job and IF i graduate as a junior then the government will give me $1,000 for college.  JUST for graduating a year early!

plus i found my future house! haha.  but seriously!  it is so cute...its baby blue and burnt orange, the perfect vintage house!  and it has a spiral staircase!  MY DREAM HOUSE!!!  and it is a owned which means dirt cheap!  im totally going to buy it!  so yeah that was my amazing week filled with great news!  how was your week? ( even though its only thursday)  i hope it has been great so far!

p.s. have you entered my GIVEAWAY? it ends today!! go enter!

Meet Virginia Design

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

vintage florals are to die for

jacket: Target
shirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted
skirt (refashioned):thrifted
shoes: Burlington Coat Factory

i went thrifting!!  i got so much clothes!!  i joined super saver club!! oooohh yeah!  yes, be jealous. haha.  when i saw this lovely vintage floral dress hanging on the rack i ran to it...literally.  vintage florals are to die for!  they might not have known how to make the cutest clothes but man did they know how to make their prints!  oh and did i mention that this dress was only $6??  that's right!  so this was pretty much the easiest skirt i have ever made in my life...all i did was chop off the top, sew a casing and thread the elastic through.  yep that easy!  i had some extra fabric so i also made this scarf.  i love scarfs...i love them so much that i wear them in the summer! so what?

have you entered my giveaway yet?

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

Meet Virginia Design

Screen shot 2011-07-14 at 11.27.00 PM.png

Sunday, July 17, 2011

refashionista! new spring skirt...repost?

  i dont know how this post got here but i dont want to delete it because the old post isnt there anymore, so if i delete it then its gone for i guess you guys get to see it again!  s funny that this post was the one that got reposted because this was my very first refashion post! wow!  it started as "a new thing on my blog"  and went to what my blog is about.   and while im here have you guys entered my GIVEAWAY?!?!

i am starting a new thing on my blog!  it is called refashionista!  every Wednesday i will post something that i have refashioned!  im really excited for this!  i already have a HUGE pile of clothes that i have great plans for!  pretty soon i will have a whole new wardrobe!

 this is my new spring skirt that i refashioned from a dress i have had since the seventh grade!!  it was way too short and way too small in every way, so i decided to turn it into a skirt!  i really love how it turned out!  this is the first time i have ever sewn pockets!  the whole refashion was really easy and only required a little bit of sewing.  now i have a new outfit for tomorrow!  yay!!! hahaha.  i really like this outfit it has that vintage feel to it.  i LOVE vintage!!!

 this is what it looked like before

i am his daughter

Saturday, July 16, 2011

a space of my own

have you entered my GIVEAWAY? if not, you can enter here

welcome everybody to my very own craft space!  up until a couple of weeks ago i was doing all of my sewing on the kitchen table, but we finally cleaned out the garage so that i could have somewhere to put all of my fabric and sewing supplies!  even though its the garage i love it!!  that might sound silly, but i think its cute!
this is all of my fabric and my refashion pile!  i always have something from my closet that i want to refashion into something else...i dont think that pile will ever go away!! haha.  its even bigger today!
this is my awesome sewing machine!!  i dont understand why sewing machines always have to be so plain!  i wanted mine to be more unique, so i made some mod podge clings
dont you love my bird house shelf?!?  my boyfriend made it for me for my birthday!  he says it isnt a bird house, but i think it is! haha.  thanks for stopping by and reading this post!  i just wanted to share with you where all the magic happens! haha.  have a wonderful saturday!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

my first GIVEAWAY!!

hey everybody!! i am super excited for my first ever giveaway!  i am celebrating my first 100 followers!  so, today you have a chance to win THIS flower hear wrap that i made for one of you!  this is probably one of my favorite headbands that i have ever made, but i am so happy to give it to one of my awesome followers!  you guys are the BEST!  you guys always have something positive and sweet to say, so i would just like to say thank you!!  here is how you enter!


1. be a follower of my blog!  
this is a gift from me to my followers.   its a way for me to say thanks!  
leave a comment for this!


2.  spread the word!
blog, tweet or post on Facebook
leave a comment for each one you do

i will be announcing the winner next Friday, so you will have a week to enter!  make sure that you have a way for me to contact you, so leave your blog URL in the comment.  thanks for entering!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

restyle your pantalones!! (pants)

yeah thats right i speak spanish! haha...not really, but i like to think i can! i only took EIGHT years of spanish! haha but really...i dont get that language!  i decided to give up after eight years of trying to understand!

 so i guess if you were to flip me off this would be the face i would give you...yep just happened and this was my reaction!  im still in shock...i dont know why i was in shock cause i should have expected it from her...i hate being a teenager and having to deal with your junior high enemies.  she makes me want to say bad words, but dont worry i didnt.  im too good for that.  okay venting over.  thanks for listening!
(restyled) pants: thrifted
shirt: swapped
scarf: made by me ( thrifted fabric)
shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
necklace: gift

hey chicas!  i hope you all are having a lovely day!!  i just wanted to say that you are all AWESOME!!  i have had my blog since January and i almost have 100 followers!  that might not be a lot in some peoples book, but in mine it is!!  and you guys always have the nicest things to say!  there are never negative comments!  so to celebrate my 100 followers ( when i get there) i will do a giveaway!  yay!!  im excited!  arent you??  so anyways you all should be looking out for that in the near future! okay?  okay!

im really proud of my restyles!  i feel like i just keep on getting more confident with every piece of clothing i restyle!!  and now most of my outfits have something that i have made or restyled!  yay!  haha anyways i really like this outfit.  this is me coming out of my box...not all the way but just a little.  im mixing patterns!!  i think florals and stripes go perfectly together!  and this scarf?  i have another refashion for ya in the near future...its with this fsbric...this is just the leftover fabric!  ooh!  
about the pants!  i have been dying for white skinnies!  i tried bleaching some jeans to be didnt work out too well.  they turned yellow!  i was very sad.  but im not now so its okay!  the other day i went to the thrift store and found these cuties!  i immediately thought of  this tutorial from C&C!  shes amazing!  i never even thought that i could restyle pants before this! it opened a whole other world or refashioning!!  thanks liz for this wonderful video tutorial!!  linking up to yellow black bird

Sweet Serendipity