Tuesday, July 12, 2011

restyle your pantalones!! (pants)

yeah thats right i speak spanish! haha...not really, but i like to think i can! i only took EIGHT years of spanish! haha but really...i dont get that language!  i decided to give up after eight years of trying to understand!

 so i guess if you were to flip me off this would be the face i would give you...yep just happened and this was my reaction!  im still in shock...i dont know why i was in shock cause i should have expected it from her...i hate being a teenager and having to deal with your junior high enemies.  she makes me want to say bad words, but dont worry i didnt.  im too good for that.  okay venting over.  thanks for listening!
(restyled) pants: thrifted
shirt: swapped
scarf: made by me ( thrifted fabric)
shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
necklace: gift

hey chicas!  i hope you all are having a lovely day!!  i just wanted to say that you are all AWESOME!!  i have had my blog since January and i almost have 100 followers!  that might not be a lot in some peoples book, but in mine it is!!  and you guys always have the nicest things to say!  there are never negative comments!  so to celebrate my 100 followers ( when i get there) i will do a giveaway!  yay!!  im excited!  arent you??  so anyways you all should be looking out for that in the near future! okay?  okay!

im really proud of my restyles!  i feel like i just keep on getting more confident with every piece of clothing i restyle!!  and now most of my outfits have something that i have made or restyled!  yay!  haha anyways i really like this outfit.  this is me coming out of my box...not all the way but just a little.  im mixing patterns!!  i think florals and stripes go perfectly together!  and this scarf?  i have another refashion for ya in the near future...its with this fsbric...this is just the leftover fabric!  ooh!  
about the pants!  i have been dying for white skinnies!  i tried bleaching some jeans to be white...it didnt work out too well.  they turned yellow!  i was very sad.  but im not now so its okay!  the other day i went to the thrift store and found these cuties!  i immediately thought of  this tutorial from C&C!  shes amazing!  i never even thought that i could restyle pants before this! it opened a whole other world or refashioning!!  thanks liz for this wonderful video tutorial!!  linking up to yellow black bird

Sweet Serendipity


  1. those skinnies are too cute! and 100 followers? congrats!:)

  2. LOVE that scarf! And 100 followers? That's AWESOME!

  3. Rock on with your crazy-awesome restyles!! You inspire!

  4. Love this! You are great! THanks for linking up!

  5. Very cute skinnies! And congrats on hitting 100 ~ it is a big deal!

  6. Love that scarf! Isn't it hot to wear it during summer though???

  7. I LOVE this restyle, this whole look is gorgeous!