Sunday, August 28, 2011


top (refashioned): thrifted
skirt (refashioned): thrifted
belt: Forever 21
earrings: Forever 21
ring Forever 21

i wore this on my second day of school.  i wore my super cute high heels with it too...big mistake!  at the end of school i felt like my feet were broken and now i have two big blisters.  but hoe can i not wear them??  theyre so cute and they go with everything!  i guess my feet will just have to toughen up!  beauty is pain, right?

anyways...i really like this top!  im in love with flowy tops right now!  they go so well with everything!  im really happy that i decided to do the little flowers along the neckline, it was a last minute decision.  don't you just love those?  the details you weren't planning on adding, but at the last minute you think of it and it makes all the difference!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

creamery on 9th

first of all i have a little story to tell!  yesterday was a very crazy day! i came home from school and was going on with my average daily life when i got a phone call. when i answered i was told that loys got into a bicycle accident and was in the ER.  at this point i was crying and didn't know what to think.  i got to the hospital as soon as i could to find a broken loys.  he broke a couple bones and hit his head pretty good, but hes alright!  i think that is one of the worst phone calls you could get.  he was really egar to get on his feet again.  when we got back from the ER we went on a walk and he tried to catch a snake!  um yeah that didn't work out very well! haha

so anyways today we went to seven peaks...we mostly napped in the shade because loys couldn't really go swimming haha.  oh and when i was napping i woke up and there was a dragonfly on my knee!  i just thought i would share cause i thought it was cool...anyways.  after 'swimming' we went to the BYU creamery and got ice cream!  it was soooo yummy!!  i got cookie dough in a waffle cone, it was huge!  and the waffle cone was so delish!  they make their own so it was warm when i got it!  and loys got a mint chocolate chip shake.  im so surprised that loys is up and about!  if i broke my collar bone and wrist i would definitely be in bed all day watching movies! 

oh and by the way i survived my first week of school!!  yay!  i already have tons of homework! booo!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

dont mind me

hello lovelies!  yes, i know by little blog looks a little wonky.  don't worry!  its not going to last long because im doing some new blog designs!  right now im working on a new header and some fun stuff like that!  i also made my blog have two columns!!  i like this soooo much better!  now there's not so much empty space!  i hope you guys don't mind it for now, it should be fixed in a couple of days :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first day of school

shirt: JC Penny's
pants: JC Penny's
boots: thrifted

today was my first day of school!  i really wasn't ready to go back to school and homework yet.  it felt like i was there just yesterday.  im excited about my classes though!  my English teacher is awesome!  she has diabetes and she was telling us all about her pump and blood pressure thing and what we need to do if she were to pass out.  oh and she also made it very clear that if she were to pass out that she needs juice!  haha it she was just really funny when she was explaining it all " if i pass out i don't want you to just sit there, get up and get me my juice!" haha i love it when i have fun teachers that really love what they're doing and that is exactly how she is!  i don't understand why teachers teach if they don't like to do it or especially if they don't like kids.  i have had way too many teachers like that!    

so anyways this is what i wore to my first day of school!  like seriously people this is dressing casual for me.  i tried to be as casual( but still me) as possible!  everybody else s casual was cut off jeans and a sports t shirt...seriously!  i just don't get why they would wear that to the first day of school!  your not supposed to dress up all fancy, but you should at least look like you put in some effort.  i like to look good for me.  not just to look good, but when i look good i also feel good too!  it boosts my self esteem and makes me happier when i know that im confident in my own skin!  i get all dressed up with nowhere to go sometimes! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

summer mix tape

this summer is almost over, so i thought i would share some of the songs that were probably overplayed, but most of all the songs that i LOVE!!  this list might be a little too long, but i love them all!  so what songs were playing on your playlist this summer?  i always love finding new songs!!

Angus and Julia stone: Big jet plane
He is We: Pour me out
He Is We: Pardon me
Regina Spektor: Us
 Edward Sharpe and the majestic zeros: Home
Florence and the machine: Dog days are over
Arcade fire: Wake up
The temper trap: Sweet disposition
Regina Spektor: Eet
Sia: My love
Regina Spektor: The call
Pheonix: 1901
Vampire weekend: Ottoman
A fine frenzy: What i wouldn't do
A fine frenzy: Blow away
Regina Spektor: Braile
Kate Nash: Foundation
The format: On your porch
Adele: Daydreamer
Christina Perry: Arms ( i looovvvveee this video!!)