Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first day of school

shirt: JC Penny's
pants: JC Penny's
boots: thrifted

today was my first day of school!  i really wasn't ready to go back to school and homework yet.  it felt like i was there just yesterday.  im excited about my classes though!  my English teacher is awesome!  she has diabetes and she was telling us all about her pump and blood pressure thing and what we need to do if she were to pass out.  oh and she also made it very clear that if she were to pass out that she needs juice!  haha it she was just really funny when she was explaining it all " if i pass out i don't want you to just sit there, get up and get me my juice!" haha i love it when i have fun teachers that really love what they're doing and that is exactly how she is!  i don't understand why teachers teach if they don't like to do it or especially if they don't like kids.  i have had way too many teachers like that!    

so anyways this is what i wore to my first day of school!  like seriously people this is dressing casual for me.  i tried to be as casual( but still me) as possible!  everybody else s casual was cut off jeans and a sports t shirt...seriously!  i just don't get why they would wear that to the first day of school!  your not supposed to dress up all fancy, but you should at least look like you put in some effort.  i like to look good for me.  not just to look good, but when i look good i also feel good too!  it boosts my self esteem and makes me happier when i know that im confident in my own skin!  i get all dressed up with nowhere to go sometimes! 


  1. I love those boots!! You definitely looked cute for your first day. I loved what you said about putting effort into how you look and how that makes you feel better and boosts your self esteem. It's so true! I LOVED having those fun teachers too!

  2. Oh school, I'm starting studies again after years of break - so nervous about it!! :) It will be in french, even more freaking out. I wish I have great teachers like you do.

  3. Great outfit for the first day of school! I always wore my best/favorite outfit for the first day. I wanted to be stunning, so I would feel stunning :)

  4. I totally understand where you're coming from! Some people I look at and think, "Really? You couldn't put ANY effort into your outfit?"

    Glad to know there are still people who DO care, such as your cute self. :)

  5. You looked perfect for the first day of school. The pattren on the jeans is adorable.


  6. I too love your pants! They manage to be both 80s (in the awesomest possible way) and modern at the same time. And I'm jealous that it's cool enough for pants where you are!