Sunday, July 17, 2011

refashionista! new spring skirt...repost?

  i dont know how this post got here but i dont want to delete it because the old post isnt there anymore, so if i delete it then its gone for i guess you guys get to see it again!  s funny that this post was the one that got reposted because this was my very first refashion post! wow!  it started as "a new thing on my blog"  and went to what my blog is about.   and while im here have you guys entered my GIVEAWAY?!?!

i am starting a new thing on my blog!  it is called refashionista!  every Wednesday i will post something that i have refashioned!  im really excited for this!  i already have a HUGE pile of clothes that i have great plans for!  pretty soon i will have a whole new wardrobe!

 this is my new spring skirt that i refashioned from a dress i have had since the seventh grade!!  it was way too short and way too small in every way, so i decided to turn it into a skirt!  i really love how it turned out!  this is the first time i have ever sewn pockets!  the whole refashion was really easy and only required a little bit of sewing.  now i have a new outfit for tomorrow!  yay!!! hahaha.  i really like this outfit it has that vintage feel to it.  i LOVE vintage!!!

 this is what it looked like before


  1. Your too cute. Love your refashion. And I'm dying of envy right now because of your bike. I want one SO bad. Where did you get it?

  2. Wow! That's genius. I love the skirt, and I love refashioning things into something else. I'd love to see more tutorials.

  3. im not sure why this is on here? i posted this a while ago...i guess you guys just get to see it again?

  4. That is adorable! As are the shoes and the cruiser. I'll take one of each! ;)

  5. the lace, pink, and pearls are a perfect classy mix, Very pretty:>