Saturday, July 16, 2011

a space of my own

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welcome everybody to my very own craft space!  up until a couple of weeks ago i was doing all of my sewing on the kitchen table, but we finally cleaned out the garage so that i could have somewhere to put all of my fabric and sewing supplies!  even though its the garage i love it!!  that might sound silly, but i think its cute!
this is all of my fabric and my refashion pile!  i always have something from my closet that i want to refashion into something else...i dont think that pile will ever go away!! haha.  its even bigger today!
this is my awesome sewing machine!!  i dont understand why sewing machines always have to be so plain!  i wanted mine to be more unique, so i made some mod podge clings
dont you love my bird house shelf?!?  my boyfriend made it for me for my birthday!  he says it isnt a bird house, but i think it is! haha.  thanks for stopping by and reading this post!  i just wanted to share with you where all the magic happens! haha.  have a wonderful saturday!!


  1. Oh i can't wait until I have a space just for crafts!


  3. Awesome! I've got my own little space right now since I'm living at home but when I go back to college in August I'm going to have to do all my crafting in my teeny tiny room. Ugh not looking forward to it. Your space is super cute though!

  4. Yay for your own craft space! I recently made one in my apartment and it's so nice to have an area to work in.


  5. I unfortunately have my sewing stuff and crafts all over my dining room table.

  6. Love it1 and let me tell you my repurposed pile is the same. It seems like it is always full and always getting bigger no matter how much I sew. It is kind fo cool to know I always have something new and fun tocreate waiting for me:>

  7. This makes me happy! It's great that you have your own space!