Thursday, March 3, 2011

mod podge clings tutorial

 i put these clings onto a vase, but i didn't like it so i thought of what i could put them on
i looked over to my sewing machine and i thought it looked really plain so i put them onto my sewing machine.
i love how cute it is now!  why is it that sewing machines are always plain white???
mod podge clings are so easy to make and don't take any time at all!
she is a genius when it comes to mod podge!!
 first cut some freezer paper to put your mod podge
 second, squeeze some paint into the mod podge
third, mix and spread out the painted mod podge.
i used an icing spreader and it worked really well.
then let dry overnight.
 then cut out your shapes!  you can cut right through the freezer paper.
i used scissors, but you can also use things like paper punches.
when you have it all cut out just peel the freezer paper off and stick it onto pretty much anything!
see?  wasn't that easy?!  now we can all have beautiful sewing machines!!

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