Thursday, March 3, 2011

$3 birdie wreath tutorial

this is my birdie wreath that i mad for spring!
i made it out of the vines in my back yard and it only costs $3!!!
this is a very easy project that doesn't take much time
 step number one:  these are vines that i collected from my back yard.
i wove them together and i didn't even have to use any glue.
if you don't have any vines that's too bad...
but you could buy a pre-made wreath at the craft store for about $5
i bought the birds and eggs and also a birds nest at Roberts and all together it was 3$
i took the leaves off of some old fake flowers that i had in my house
then i hot glued all of these things right on to my wreath
walah! a beautiful spring wreath for only $3!!!

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