Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sushi Ya!

so last night my wonderful loys brought me out to get sushi!!  I LOVE SUSHI!!!  on the other hand loys doesn't like it so much that's why he is so wonderful!  he goes out to sushi AND goes thrifting with me!  man, hes a keeper!  look how HUGE those rolls are!  seriously, every other place i have gone to they give me like five pieces of sushi that are like half the size of that....these are monster rolls!  yeah and i ordered three!  do you think little Madison could finish them all?  HECK TO THE NO!!!  i was so full after i ate like 12 ...that's only half, my friends!  and if you get all you can eat then they charge you for the ones you DIDN'T eat...unfair!!  so unfair!  but it was okay because we decided to pay by the roll which ended up to be cheaper, who knew?  besides the fact that i couldn't eat all of my beautiful sushi it was delicious! yeah you see that one on the far left...its deep fried.  it was amazing!!!  AND it had cream cheese ooohhhh to die for!!


  1. I love sushi too. That one on the left really does look amazing! Ugh now I want sushi hah

  2. I love sushi and this looks amazing! Mmmm

  3. Aaah!!! you're making my mouth water! I'm so jealous! I love the Godzilla, we are so going there next time we're in orem!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE sushi too. Dang, it's been forever since I've had it, now that I think about it! So tomorrow I am doing my very first link up on my blog http://www.rolleduppretty.com/. I would LOVE for you to come link ANYTHING up! I hope to see you there!
    PS Now I'm going to get sushi. Ha ha.

  5. I LOVE sushi too! These look delicious! Now I'm craving sushi...

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  6. My favorite food :)
    What a treat :) My man doesn't like sushi all that much either, so I totally get it :)