Sunday, October 2, 2011


this weekend me and loys went on a date!  for the first a long time!  we went to kneaders.  it was so good!  they have the best sandwiches ever and their fruit tarts are to die for!!!!  Ive been gone for a while so i will bring you all up to speed. okay ready?  loys fell off his bike and broke his collar bone and wrist and about two weeks later he got fired from his job...the week he turned 18.   then he bought a car and just yesterday it got totaled.  but the good news is that his insurance is paying for a new one and he gets a rental car on Monday until he can get a new one.  some more good news is that loys got two new jobs.  he works for Rise where he does activities with kids that have behavioral and mental issues.  hes really excited about it!  and his other job is a Currier for Firestone delivering orders to other shops.  im doing better in school.  its less stressful and i am understanding everything better.  everything is looking good and my life is less hectic.  oh and im earning some money from cleaning.  about $240 a month so that's pretty good!  i hope you guys have a wonderful week!

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  1. Glad schools getting better and wahoo for you with the cleaning job. So fun to have extra money each month:>