Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a home suit for a...hobo

 shirt: Charlotte Russe
skirt: Gap
scarf: Made by me!
boots: Walmart

yesterday i took my outfit pictures with my friend Aubree!  that girl is a ball of fun!  we took our pictures by this awesome run down building!  looks like a home suit for a hobo...mattress included!!

after we took pictures we went to the river woods to get some ice cream!  Aubree and loys were super excited because they sell blue bell ice cream which is big down south...im from Utah so i wouldn't know.  but Aubree is from Texas and she says things like y'all and girrllll!!  haha she is hilarious!  even though Ive never heard of it, it was super delish! 


  1. Blue Bell!!! I'm from Texas too and I gotta say, their banana split ice cream is my faaave! Cute outfit :-)

  2. That is the cutest ice cream place ever!!! Also loving your scarf and boots :)