Saturday, October 15, 2011

loving fall

shirt: Plato's Closet
cardigan: Plato's Closet
7's corduroys: Downeast
locket: Downeast
purse: NPS
shoes: thrifted
earrings: Forever 21

let me just say, i LOVE fall!  everything about it is the best...the food, the scenery and even the beautifully layered outfits!!  i think this is probably my all time favorite outfit!  and everything was so cheap!  are you ready for this??  okay,  those corduroys are seven for all mankind and they were only $13!  and i didn't even pay for them with my own money because i won a gift-card to downeast.  i also bought that locket with my gift was only $3.50!  then the shirt was $5 and the cardigan was $10 but technically i didn't pay for those either because i sold clothes to platos closet and i bought them with the money they gave me so pretty much it was a trade.  then the other day i went to NPS which is a  discount store.  they have everything there!  they even have designer clothes and accessories!  i even saw Christian Louboutin shoes!  OH MY GOSH they were so beautiful!!  they were only $100, but do i have $100 to spend on shoes?  but i got this purse there and it was only $14!!  oooh yeah!  and i have been wanting one like that since forever!  and the other day i went thrifting and i found those beautiful shoes...i mean just look at them!!  guess how much they were!!!  they were only $7!!  so technically i only spent  $22 on this outfit!  i am so good!  how is your guys' fall shopping going?  have you found any awesome deals?


  1. I love this whole outfit and what is funny is I posted a post on my blog today about some amazing finds I found yesterday! LOL

    I love all the fall colors of this season, love. love. love it!

  2. I'd have to agree, fall is my favorite season too! Love this outfit! And I love you! You should post more often :)

  3. Fall is my absolute favorite! And that outfit is so fall--the color of the cardi is perfect!

  4. Very cute fall outfit! I love your shoes :)

  5. yay for fall colors and cute outfits! Those shoes are amazing BTW!!!


  6. Love fall too such great colors with all the red and orange leaves <3