Friday, May 27, 2011

fashionista friday! summer circle scarf


 I made this super cute scarf last night at like 10:00...i didn't have anything to wear, okay? haha.  this seriously took me like five minutes to make and the level of skill that involves making it is like zero... seriously, if i made this anybody can!  so i matched it with a pink shirt and a jean jacket with some cute white shorts that i now have to bleach for the hundredth time because i am a very messy girl! anyways...this is really light weight and i think it will be great for summer which i am very happy about because i love the layering style for winter with the scarves and sweaters and everything, but now it is summer and it is going to get hot, but a cute light weight scarf is a great way to accessorize and layer!

 1.  you will need a half yard of cotton fabric.

2. fold your fabric in half with right sides together and sew one long side and one short side.  remember to leave the other side open so that you can turn it right side out again!

3.  turn it right side out and sew the two short sides together.  Bam!  you have a beautiful summer scarf in just three simple steps!


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  2. WOW you are so talented!!!Love your Etsy and tutorials! I am so glad you are in Utah! Thanks for the cool comment.
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  4. Love your photos...cute girl! I live in Utah too! I would drive my mom crazy because I would never follow a pattern...always putting my own design into what I was sewing! My plan was to be a fashion designer!
    Hope you have a terrific summer!

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  5. Super cute! And it seems like it's super easy! I love this idea for a summer accessory. Definitely adding this to my to-do list!

    Saw you at Making the World Cuter!

  6. Your fabric choice is beautiful! I may need to try my hand at this!

  7. ooooh.... love this and i want to make me one so i can wear it to work tomorrow... over a Tshirt. so it still looks like i dressed up... when really, all i am wearing is a tshirt. ahahhaha.

  8. It's highly cute, and I love the photos and how you styled the scarf with the perfect outfit. Brava, fashionista!