Saturday, June 18, 2011

freezer paper stenciled shirt

shirt: made it
shoes: Walmart
GAP shorts: Platos Closet
scarf: i made it
ring: forever 21
headband: Target

 this is my new shirt!!  i LOVE how it turned out!!  i have never freezer paper stenciled anything before so this was kind of an experiment.  this used to be my boyfriends shirt...its mine now!!  hahaha.  i love how this whole outfit meshes together, its really summery and light.  i also really like the color combo!  the teal goes really well with the bright yellow!  speaking of the bright yellow...this is another circle scarf!  i really like making these because they're sooo easy and really cute!  at first i tried to dye this with mustard  (it used to be white) but it didn't turn out as good as i thought it time i think i will leave it on for longer next time.  so after that didn't work i just dyed it all yellow with yellow RIT dye.

This whole outfit cost around $11!!  the shirt was free and so was the scarf then the shorts were only $5...i love platos closet! haha.  then the sandals were $3 and the ring was also $3!  i love cheap clothes!  haha who doesn't??  oh and i forgot to mention the hair!  i have been trying different hair styles lately and i really like this one!  its a hair bow!  literally!  it didn't take much time to do and it was really easy but it took a lot of bobby pins!  i will be doing a tutorial on it soon!

im always the last person to find out about things!  i must live under a rock or something...i didn't know how to freezer paper stencil until a couple of days ago...and have you heard of kid history on you tube??  of coarse you have because everybody has seen it except for me!  well i was watching it like all day yesterday  hahaha it it so funny!  me and my sister have been quoting it like non stop!!  "don't.....punch.....our car"! hahahah....wait wait this one is my favorite... "are you jumping on the trees?!?  are you jumping on the houses?!? haha wow...i need to get out of the house more.  so if you live under a rock like me and don't know how to freezer paper stencil, yay im not alone and here is a simple tutorial i put together for you!  you're welcome :)
 first you will need some freezer paper and a t shirt, i stole mine from my boyfriend...well he actually gave it to me but whatever...and you will need an exact o knife to cut it out.

 after you cut out your pattern whatever it might be now you iron it onto your shirt with the waxy side down.  once it is stuck to your shirt you can start painting it! yay!!

once it is all painted and dry you can remove the paper and iron the shirt.  when you iron your shirt you will need to put a piece of fabric over it so that your shirt doesn't get ruined.  once you have ironed it stick it in the washer.  tada now you have a beautiful new shirt!


  1. I love the teal! The back it super adorable as well (:

  2. Wow this turned out soo cute! I love the shirt and I love those sandals as well. Do you think Walmart still has them?

  3. I love the bright colors in your outfit!
    You shirt turned out great too =)

  4. the shirt came out great!! love the touch of yellow to it.

  5. LOVE that shirt!! It turned out great. Also love that scarf paired with that shirt, adorable! I found your cute blog via harpers happenings!!

  6. I love that you made so many pieces of your outfit yourself. It looks great! :)

  7. what a cool idea! i've heard of these before, but honestly never saw one that interested me enough to look at how to do it! the yellow and teal IS cute! i would love it if you would link this up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party!

    oh! and i'm tucking this away to do another day! am also following you now.

  8. Oooh, I LOVE this! You're so clever! And look at that pop of colour. Thanks for linking up to Fancy Pants. I love a new linker uperer! xx

  9. thanks for linking up! and i totally pinned this on my pinterest! gotta try it!

  10. very cool. I am loving the stripes:>

  11. Wow your work done very well. very good great job really fanatic work.