Monday, June 20, 2011

scalloped shorts

shirt: Charlotte Russe
shorts: hand me down (restyled)
scarf: made it
headband: made it
purse: Target
Toms: Nordstrom
belt: Forever 21

aren't these shorts the CUTEST?!?  i love them so much!  i first saw them at "Sweet Serendipity Design".  first of all i LOVE her blog and i love the idea or prettying up some old cut off jeans!  she has the best refashions and the cutest outfits so if you have some time... or preferably, you should make some time to go and check out her site!  you're welcome! haha.  i love refashioning things!  before i made these shorts all cute and scalloped i never wore them!  they were that piece of clothing that has been passed down so much that i didn't really think there was any hope left...but there was!  i fell in love with them all over again (awww, tender moment) and let me just say that i love. this. outfit!  half of it was made by me or refashioned!  i am so proud! haha.

so you see this super cute braided headband?  do you love it??  haha i sure do!  it completes me!  haha i made it today after i got home from school.  i will be posting a tutorial on how to make it tomorrow!  so make sure to stay tuned!

p.s. don't you just love my beach cruiser??  ahhh its so cute!


  1. Your too dang cute! Thanks for the shout out :) The shorts turned out better than mine haha Also I just saw you'll be at the Swap Meet Up party too YAY!! We are SO EXCITED FOR IT :)

  2. Love this idea! So clever and so cute!

  3. What a cute idea, they look great on you too! Loving the bike :) Too cute!

  4. I am envious of your rad bike!!!

  5. Your bike and scarf are adorable! Such pretty blues! :)

  6. Looovvee these shorts. I saw them on Ana's blog as well but I haven't gotten around to making them just yet. This gives me all the more motivation!!