Tuesday, June 21, 2011

braided headband tutorial

i made this headband for my outfit yesterday.  i think it is really cute!  i love how big the braids are and i love how it is fraying!  just in case you were wondering, this is my beautiful sister Kelsie!  she is the one always behind the camera.  thanks to her i have so many cute photos of my outfits on my blog!  shes older than me by 5 years and most people think that im older than her. hahaha...she doesn't like it.  this one time she went into the nursery at church with her kids ( she has two) and the lady in there asked her what her brothers name was! haha she wasn't very happy about that haha.

don't you love her shorts??  they're cute huh??  they used to be blue jeans!  we both bleached our jeans...mine still have some bleaching to do but when they're done i will most certainly share!  so anyways here is the tutorial!

 you will need  some fabric, elastic, and a pair of scissors
 first measure your head and cut a strip of fabric long enough for your head and wide enough to braid.  then cut that strip of fabric into thirds, but when you get to the end leave some fabric uncut
 then braid the fabric.  i did two sets of braids
 then cut a piece of elastic out and sew the braided end that is cut to it. trim off the extra fabric
 once it is sewn and trimmed, take the other braid with the uncut side...
 and wrap it around the other braid so that you cant see the messiness anymore
then sew it on.  do this to both sides and you're done!


  1. so cute! i've actually been working on something similar, but with old t-shirt scraps haha. gotta love headbands :)

  2. All of your stuff is so stinking cute! You need to help me I have no cute cloths cuz i am big and prego! LOL

  3. I LOVE the headband, but i HATE these pictures of me! lol

  4. Oh my gosh... How cute is that headband! Very cool.

  5. that's a really great idea. if only i had a sewing machine!

  6. So cute! I'm digging the Bohemian style as of recent!

  7. I make a similar headband but use three separate pieces. I like the way you did yours. Very easy and simple:>