Tuesday, April 12, 2011

scrap booking with book pages

 these are the scrapbook pages that i made last night!  i love them!!  i wanted to scrapbook using book pages and this is what they turned out to be!  i LOVE scrap booking.  i have been scrap booking ever since i was like 7 years old.  my mom would sit down with me and we would scrapbook.  it was probably my favorite thing to do with my mom!
 t he first thing i did to find inspiration was that i went looking through my scrap booking supplies and found some ink pads that i liked.  i love these colors together!

 then i went through my scraps of fabric and found fabric that matched my colors
 then i found some stamps that i wanted to use.  these ones are close to my heart stamps.  i like these a lot because they don't take up much space when you're storing them and also when you're stamping you can see through the clear block so you know exactly where you're positioning it.
 the first thing i did was i glued the book pages down with double sided sticky tape and i distressed them with ink.  then i distressed the picture with the new close to my heart paper distress-er.  i like using it because its super easy to use and it works really well!
 then i stamped some brackets, cut them out, and put foam sticky things on the backs so that they would stand out
 then for the sparkly brackets i used this Versa Mark stamp pad.  its clear and sticky so that little things like glitter can stick to it...at least that's what i use it for. haha.
i also used Martha Stewart's glitter!  i LOVE glitter!!  i got a huge pack of pretty much every shade of color you could imagine... i was really happy! haha.
after i stamped the brackets with the sticky ink i poured glitter over them then i cu t them out and put foam popper uppers on them just like the other page
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  2. thanks so much! you are so sweet!