Monday, March 28, 2011

bleach spots?!?!

 so my all time favorite sweater came out of the wash with bleach spots on it!!! ahhh i was so mad!  it was the only one in the whole load that got bleached...i don't even know how it got in there! anyways there was NO way that i was going to get rid of it so i had to fix it and this is what i came up with :)  i think it turned out really cute although i still miss my plain olive sweater.  this is a no sew project by the way!

 this is what my poor sweater looked like :(  but its okay...its just an opportunity to use my super awesome creativity skills! hahaha
 i found THESE at Hobby Lobby!!! sooo cool! haha. i didn't know that they made hot glue for fabric!  im always hot gluing fabric.
 this is how i made the flowers.  i cut out strips of lace and hot glued it onto the sweater in a circle...
 and then i layered and layered and layered a bit more...
 and then it will end up looking like this!  so pretty!  and when i was done with the flowers i added some white leaves to complete my project :)
p.s. this is what the glue looks like when it comes out.  its sorta an off white color


  1. wow, i can't believe that you just started your blog this year, and you already have 44 posts! Way to go!

  2. haha thank you random stranger! haha just kiddin! Keslie, you're like the only person who ever comments on my blog! haha you're a good sister :)

  3. That is so clever! You rock! I am glad you like my blog, thanks for visiting!

  4. thanks for visiting me back!