Sunday, March 27, 2011

stretchy tulle headbands

 to make the green flowers i cut a whole bunch of circles out and cut slits into them... the purple flowers are burnt circles also but i didn't do anything fancy to them.  all i did was fold it in half and hot glue the tip...
 then for the green flowers i burnt the edges and hot glued them together
 for the base i used tulle.  i cut it to the size of my head and folded it in half twice.  then i cut out two different types of ribbon and bot glued them to the tulle.  i buy my ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  they have bags of ribbon for around $2!!  its a great deal people!  after the ribbon i hot glue my accent flowers and jewels on
 after i had everything glued on i sewed a hair ban onto the ends of the tulle to make it stretchy

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  1. I think these headbands would be really nice for a wedding.

    PS. you have the cutest blog buttons.


  2. thanks so much! your comment made my day!

  3. Ca-ute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!