Sunday, March 20, 2011

birdie wall art tutorial

this is my birdie painting that i did last night.  i like it a lot, but i think i might add some more birdies to it.

 i found this online at taidye original.  its printable!!! so i printed it off and cut out the birdies for a stencil.
 after i had my stencil ready i spray painted my canvases.  i dabbed the green canvas with toilet paper when it was wet to give it texture.

 i painted my tree branch in all black.  after it was all done and dried i was ready to stencil on my birdies.

 all i did to stencil them on was paint in inside the bird.  be careful when you're taking the paper off because the first time i tried to take it off i did it too fast and the paint smeared on the canvas

 when the paint was still wet i sprinkled some white glitter over the birdie and pressed it down sot hat the birdie could be as sparkly as possible.

 after i let it sit for a minute or so i shook all the glitter off and brushed the excess off with a paint brush and it looked like this!

 the glitter i used was Martha Stewart glitter.  it comes in almost every color!!!  i love glitter! haha


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