Wednesday, March 9, 2011

moss topiaries tutorial

these are my moss topiaries!!
they took kinda a long time to make because i had to hot glue all of the moss on
but it think they were worth the time!

first i went to the craft store and got some foam balls, Terra cotta pots, and moss
i got the branch from my backyard and i already had the paint
i think the moss was the most expensive. it was $6 a bag! which i think is just absolutely ridiculous
i guess im going to have to start growing my own moss! haha

the moss is real and it smells really weird. just a warning!
if i were to do this again i would do it outside because the smell was making me nauseated

first i painted the pots and put them outside to dry
then i hot glued the moss to the foam balls
and finally i attached the balls with twigs in my backyard!
this project altogether probably took about an hour

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