Thursday, April 7, 2011


i think this shirt looks really cute with my thrifted tweed shorts!  they're my favorite!

these are my two shirt refashions!  i dyed both of them olive green (my FAVORITE color haha).  they are both a no sew t shirt refashion!  i really love how they turned out!

they started out as white shirts!
i dyed them with this really awesome dye that you just pop in the washer!  its a disolvable pouch and it isn't messy and there's nothing to clean up!  i love it so much!!
see!  all you do is pop it in the washer with the things you want to dye and when the cycle is done so are your clothes and the pouch starts to dissolve right away!
this is how they turned out!

for the ruffle shirt:
 i cut out a couple of strips of fabric
 then i hop glued it under the ruffles...i use hot glue on A LOT of my refashions mostly because its fast and easy and because im lazy haha
 just keep gluing until your done!

for the love bird shirt:
 i cut by hand one tree, 30 green leaves, 10 white leaves, two birdies, and one heart
 first i glued on the tree and then the white leaves onto it...
 then i started on the green leaves and to do that first you need a strip of glue for the base of the leaf...
 then lift it up...
 and put a dab of hot glue in the middle...
then pinch where the glue is and it will come out to look like this!


  1. i just stumbled across your blog from your somewhat simple link to the bobby pins. i've been stalking LOTS of blogs for the last year and i am BLOWN AWAY by your talent and style. how old are you?????? i learned how to sew as a child but never kept at it. i retaught (is that a word?) myself last year and wish so bad i had done it sooner. i think it's awesome that you're doing this at such a young age and blogging about it. i signed up for a blog but haven't done a post yet. a little scared, way busy w/ my 3 and 4 yr olds. :) i look forward to seeing what you come up with!! you've got some talent girl!! keep it up!!!


  2. i am a sophomore is high school :) thank you sooo much for your comment! you have no idea how happy it made me! i think its the most thoughtful and sweet comment i have ever had :) and don't be afraid to blog its lots of fun and people wont expect you to have perfect ideas or projects. you have to start sometime!

  3. i can understand that you're busy though. school takes a lot of work and i cant imagine the time it would take to take care of two little ones :)

  4. You have some talent there girl. That shirt is AWESOME! I just became your new follower. Hopefully you can become one of mine if you like my blog.

  5. thank you so much!!! i checked out your blog and i think its awesome and i followed you back :)