Thursday, August 11, 2011

50 things you dont know about me

1. my middle name is Audrie
2. paranormal activity 2 pretty much made me pee my pants
3. it freaks me out just thinking about paranormal activity 2
4.i play the violin
5. i am engaged to my first and only boyfriend (love him!)
6. my favorite movie is Arthur...with Russell Brand :)
7. i went through a phase in the seventh grade where i had to have my fingernail polish match my outfit
8. once i went long-boarding and i broke my ankle...i had to have crutches and it wasn't all!
9. i had braces for 4 years of my life
10.when i was little my favorite show to watch was Winnie the pooh bear
11. my favorite show is wizards of Waverley place.  its the best! nuf said
12. my favorite food is Chinese food
13. i hate hate hate earwigs!!  i had a bad experience...several actually.  they love to hide in straws
14. i have seen a real live child birth and it traumatized me.  i dont think i will be having any children any time soon...maybe when im 30...or 40 maybe
15. im a lazy bum...i still dont have my permit
16. i was born in 1995, yup!  that would make me 16 years of age
17. when i was in the 3rd grade i wrote an essay about why people shouldn't litter and it got published into a book!  yeah i have always been a genius!
18. up until last year i thought i was born in Washington. my whole life was a lie!
19. when i was little i would tell people that i was adopted
20. i started sewing in the seventh grade... which was four years ago
21. i have five sisters and one brother
22. when i was little i would make cards and bracelets and sell them at my moms work
23. i use to be a girl scout, i even made it all the way to a cadet, which is the highest before a leader
24. i wear a size 7 shoe
25. my favorite singers are: florence and the machine, kate nash, regina spector, and he is we
26. i was definitely born in the wrong era!  i love anything and everything vintage and retro!
27. playing in the rain is my favorite
28. i LOVE Tyra, i even wrote a biography about her in the 10th grade. did you know she wrote a book?
29. i learned how to double dutch in the 5th grade
30. i dont really like sleeping, its boring
31. butterfinger ice cream is the best!!
32. water is my favorite beverage
33. im not a big fan of reading...i started a book 6 months ago and im still not done
34. i dont really like camping...racoons scare the crap out of me!
35. i have always wanted a pet turtle
36. my favorite flowers are orchids
37.  i love love love alice in wonderland!
38.  my favorite Disney princess is Ariel.  i have always wanted to be a mermaid
39. i know how to snowboard. not very well but i can do it!
40. my favorite accessories are scarves
41. i learned how to play the guitar in the 9th grade and forgot how to play in the 10th grade
42. my best friends name is Brooke
43. i spent 8 years of my life learning Spanish...i still don't get that language
44. my Spanish name is marisol
45. February of this year was the first time i have ever been on a airplane and i had strep.  it was not fun
46. i hate cats
47. when i was little all i would wear was my yellow princess dress that i though had magical marry Poppins powers
48. i am LDS
49. i have 6 bunnies
50. i have always wanted to travel to Thailand


  1. Wow, we actually have a lot in common. I am not 16 though...actually have not been 16 for more than 16 years. Yikes. I was born in Washington. Bremerton to be exact. And I still live there. Sad I know. I love love love Kate Nash and Regina Spektor. I have never heard of the florence band you mentioned though.
    I enjoy seeing all your clothing makeovers:)

  2. I LOVE Wizards of Waverly Place! Justin is a stunner. Cats are disgusting and Alice in Wonderland is amazing. I love this post. You seem like such a grandios person:D Have a super day!

  3. I like your list, very cute :) I love bunnies! Used to own a few but now they live with my parents.

    I can't believe you are so young! Keep up the great, creative work.

  4. I am dying to see the new Arthur. Your bunnies sound adorable. Are they all yours, or do each of the siblings have one?


  5. I like your list.
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  6. Pet turtle? Too funny.
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    Have a great day!

  7. Interesting list! I hate earwigs too!!