Tuesday, August 9, 2011

put the bell in the bottoms

cardigan: Plato's Closet
tank top: Downeast
scarf: i made it
belt: thrifted
pants: thrifted
sandals: Walmart

i cannot tell you how long i have been wanting a pair of bell bottoms!  aren't they the cutest??  all i did was take in the waist to the knees.  i have got to say that i was uber proud of this refashion.  i successfully took in the waist...and the crotch...and the hips!  booyah!!  today was a good Monday.  over the weekend my sweet loys got me a new bike!  my poor Penelope is now retired and rusted to no end, so i was in need of a new beach cruiser.  its a boy bike, but i like it.  i named him Jeffery.  so since i have a new bike me and loys have been going on long bike rides up the canyon.  its been so much fun!! the other day we were riding bikes and we got caught in a huge rain storm!  the roads were flooding and the rain was pouring and it was the funnest thing ever!  riding my bike is really good exercise and its not torture...like running.  running sucks!  haha

last week was bitter sweet.  my brother in law came home from technical training for the air force on Friday.  i am so happy for my sister!  she is such a trooper!  she has been taking care of her two little ones all by herself since February.  at the same time im sad that she has to move away.  shes my best friend in the whole world and i love her so much!  it wont be too bad because they got located to hill air-force base here in Utah.  its only an hour and a half away from here, which is a lot better than them moving outside the country which was a very real possibility.

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