Sunday, February 20, 2011

rustic necklaces tutorial

 this is the first necklace i made.  its pretty much just a compilation of things that Ive found.  i think my favorite part is the bottle cap that i found on the street.
 i really love the flowers on this.  i have never made a necklace with fabric flowers before.  i think it looks cute.  i love owls so i had to put an owl on there. haha

 this is the second necklace i made.  i was sooo inspired that i decided to make another one! haha and because i had left over materials :)
 for these copper charms i mod podged a feather and some sheet music to them so they wouldn't be so plain
 as charms i used an old buckle i took off of one of my belts and an old house key.  to make the key look a little distressed i used toll paint and covered it when mod podge when it dried.

 i used copper charms that i found at Hobby Lobby and i punched holes in them with this nifty hole puncher thing that i also found at Hobby Lobby...i love that store!!!  anyway, its really easy to use and it was really cheap too!
for the flowers i hot glued them onto the copper charms that i punched holes into and i tied them together.


  1. your necklace rocks! would you be offended if i called it craptastic? LOL love you, can't wait to eat cake with you!

  2. hahaha. thats what loys would probably call it when he sees it! haha at least you understand, right?

  3. I TOTALLY get it! It's rustic, and each piece has it's own history... It's pretty much awesome

  4. haha thanks! come help me with the cake now. :) haha

  5. I just read your "About Me" thingy on the side of your blog, very nice :)