Saturday, April 2, 2011

birdies on a branch-nails for spring!

 these are my birdie nails!  i think they're really cute!  i didn't know i could paint nails this good! haha
these are the colors that i used.  the Art Deco is really fun to use!  i found them at the dollar store!  they have a huge selection of different colors.  so the way that i did them was: first i painted a blue base coat then when it dried i painted two strips of white so that it would look like a branch then when that dried i painted green dots and the way i did that was i wiped the brush off so that there wasn't so much paint on it and i dabbed it around the white branches so that they would look a little like leaves then i painted pink dots to look like birds and on one end i added a little line to look like a tail and when that was dried i added a black dot for the eye

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  1. SuperCool!