Friday, April 1, 2011

fashionista friday!! my purpple ruffle dress

 haha so this is actually a funny story of how this dress came to be!  a couple of weeks ago my room was super messy with clothes thrown all over the still is but that's not the point! haha.  so i couldn't find anything that i wanted to wear and so at 8:00 at night i decided to make this dress!!!  crazy, right?  well i didn't think the time.  i found this fabric at wal-mart for $5 a bullet!  an awesome deal!!  so anyways this is the first dress i have ever made!  i am pretty dang proud of myself!  i didn't even use a pattern.  i just sat down and started sewing and it came out to be this.  it took me about three hours to make and i wore it to school the next day!  haha.  i didn't know i had it in me!!  i had a lot of complications though.  the first time i sewed it together it was way too small!  this fabric does NOT stretch at all!  i couldn't even get it over my head! haha so i had to sew in some panels on the sides.  it was a gift and a curse.  it took longer to sew, but it gave it more shape and i actually like it a lot more now!

 i also wore my bobby pins with my dress!  if you missed the mini tutorial you can see it here or you could just scroll down. haha.  i posted it just the other day :)
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  1. thank you so much :) i worked hard on it!

  2. Your dress turned just divine! You are a very talented girl!

  3. thank you so much! you are so sweet!