Monday, May 23, 2011

trendy chic recycle week! day #1 the magazine picture frame

this week on by blog is called...drum roll please....Trendy Chic Recycle Week!!!!!  awesome title huh?  my sister, my right hand woman, thought of this!  after recycle week, recycle my world, and saving the world one craft at a time we decided this was by far the best to choose from! ( i suck at choosing creative names for my posts if you haven't already noticed).  this week i will be posting crafts that i made using recycled items such as toilet paper rolls, magazines, soda cans, bottle caps, and soda bottles!  now get your crafty minds ready for the magazine picture frame tutorial!!! (again, i suck at posting names! haha.)

isn't this totally awesome!?!?  i saw one at Barnes and Noble a long long time ago and i really wanted to make i did!  don't fool yourselves!  this project isn't all fun and games...haha.  it took me like three days.  i SUCK at rolling paper let me just tell you!  i think it turned out super cool and it cost me pretty much close to nothing, i mean its recycled!  the most awesome part about this is that it is recycled!  i am saving the world AND making beautiful pieces of artwork at. the. same. time!! so instead of listening to me babbling about how awesome this picture frame is you should check out the tutorial!

1. you will need a picture frame (i got mine from Michael's for $1.00 ), mod podge, old magazines, and a hot glue gun.

2. first you will need to mod podge pieces of magazine -papers  to your picture frame  this is so that if you have gaps in between the rolled paper it will be less noticeable.

3. tear out pieces of your magazine and roll them!  i am really terrible at rolling paper, so what i did was i dipped my finger in mod podge ( to keep the paper from unfolding) and i ran it along the very edge of the paper and i FOLDED it not rolled but me it will turn out!  after it got thicker it looked circular...if it doesn't turn out to be circular then just pinch it until it does. i spent a LONG time trying to figure out how to roll it tightly and this was the best solution.  after i rolled it to the thickness i wanted it i sealed it with some more mod podge so that it wouldn't unroll.  after you have your paper rolls cut them to fit the frame and hot glue the in any pattern you wish!  i did mine diagonal which was a little tricky when it came to placing everything, but i think it looks cool!  i saw one in Texas that had the magazines rolled into circle not that talented though! haha.


  1. Wow!!! That is way cool!

  2. Great, I love it! :)

  3. oh i love this.

    i think i'll have to make one myself.
    thanks for the cute idea!

  4. that is awesome! I love it, and so easy to do. My library has a section of free magazines for the public, so if anyone needs magazines to use for a project like this they may want to call their local library and ask.