Saturday, June 4, 2011

ruffled sleeves

 lace shirt: forever 21
blue shirt: too old to remember!
tweed shorts: thrifted (five bucks baby!)
sandals: walmart
hat: forever 21
necklace: forever 21

since this is sorta kinda an outfit post i will list where i got all my clothes!  you're welcome! haha.  this is another one of my late night creations!  haha.  i really love the look of layering with lace!  i think it is a good way to stay modest, but its also super cute!  i have never thought of it before the other night... im a genius!  lately i have been trying to mix colors i wouldn't usually mix, but i think orange and blue look really good together!  but my most favorite part of this outfit would have to be those shorts!!  they are my favorite shorts ever!  i found them at the D.I. last year and i immediately fell in love!  they are originally from forever 21, so i was pretty much destined to fall in love! haha.  and plus they're tweed!!  vintage anyone??  the best part was that they were only 5 buckaroos!!!  i love me a good bargain!
 just in case you were wondering who those beautiful girls in my pictures is the story...yesterday my friend Brooke got a new camera!!  a really nice camera!  an SLR!  we were all so excited that we decided to have a photo shoot around my neighborhood!  isn't Brooke such a great photographer?  she always knows what angles and lighting will look good! if you just cant get enough of her photos here is her blog.  she is trying to build up her experience, so if you would like some photos  for really cheap (and live in Utah) you can email her at to set up an appointment.  she charges $20 an hour with free editing and a CD of all of your pictures!  she will also work with you on locations!!

so anyways, about the shirt! haha. a couple of nights ago i did a refashion.  i had an old shirt that i never wore, so i decided to dress it up a bit.  i turned it inside out and gathered the sleeves so that they would be ruffled.  it was probably the easiest refashion i had ever done and it only took about 5 minutes!  my old shirt is like new again!! yay!!! haha.  here is a picture of what it looked like before...i really love how it turned out!  if you are planning on doing this refashion keep in mind that when you ruffle the sleeves it makes them a bit smaller and less flexible.  although a way you could avoid this is to use elastic instead of just gathering the fabric.

Sweet Serendipity


  1. wow! are you like a model? You are so gorgeous! Love the shirt re-do by the way! totally awesome! I'm going to have to do that to one or two of my shirts!

  2. Did you also sew the lace to the inside of the shirt, or is it another shirt?
    PS. where did the lace come from?

  3. Cute photos xo

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! LOVE the sleeves!!

  5. I LOVE those shorts! They are fabulous! I can never get enough of tweed.

  6. I love this shirt redo! I would love for you to link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link party! It lasts all week! Have a great weekend :)

  7. What a great idea! Now following your blog<3