Thursday, June 2, 2011

what i wore #1

shirt: Charlotte Russe
Old Navy shorts: Plato's Closet
necklace: Forever 21
shoes: Burlington Coat Factory

This is my first official outfit post!!  yay, im excited! haha anyways two nights ago i couldn't sleep because i watched a scary movie called The was really scary!  it was about an accidental release of a biological weapon.  well long story short everybody went crazy and became zombies!  i am such a wimp!  haha so anyways after watching that i couldn't go to sleep...i was scared!  i made like four really cute outfits.  i love making new outfits out of old clothes!  its the best because you've had them for a long time but you've never thought about that exact outfit!

i really love this outfit because i didn't spend a lot of money on it!  i HATE spending money!!  haha.  the shorts that were originally from Old Navy i got at Plato's Closet for only $5!!!!  all they needed was to be taken in a little bit because they were a little too big...oh and about my job interview i didn't get hired.  i was bummed, but everything happens for a reason!  so anyways back to the outfit...that cute little birdie necklace was from Forever 21 for only $1.50!!! and the best part was that it wasn't even on sale!  they have a whole wall of little necklaces for only $1.50!  seriously, go check it out!  the shirt is too old to remember how much i got it for haha, and the shoes were $20.  a little spendy, but i didn't buy wonderful Loys did!  i wanted them so bad and so he bought them!  isn't he so sweet?

i hope you guys like the outfit posts!  i definitely want your thoughts about it though .  like it or hate it??  just speak your mind!  have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I really love your shoes! Super cute!

  2. I seriously love that top. So cute:] and I'm all for getting stuff on sale, the top in my sos was only 4.99! I snatched it really quickly haha