Saturday, June 11, 2011

what i wore #2

shirt: forever 21
skirt: wet seal
scarf: made it
tights: target
necklace: forever 21
boots: walmart
earrings: target
belt: papaya (came on a shirt)

i really like this outfit!!  i have been wearing my lace shirt  A LOT!  it is getting so worn out...i think im gonna have to find a new one! im wearing that super duper cute scarf that i mad!!  haha...i love it so much that i made another one!  it is yellow and i LOVE it (pictures coming soon).  i really love my fishnets!!  haha i think its like my know how everybody has a unique style or type of clothing, yeah well this is mine.  i think i have them in every color...almost.  i have a pair in olive, maroon, white, brown, gray, and black tehe.  i also really love my boots!  i got them a while ago...i wanted some really cute cow boy looking boots for cheap and when i saw these a walmart for only $15 i was in love!  $15 is pretty cheap for boots and theyre sooo cute!!  oh and this skirt is really a dress but i like it better as a skirt because it is a lot longer now!!  i want to lengthen my dresses...i have some short ones.

this Monday i started summer school...yay!! haha not really (that was a sarcastic yay).  I'm trying to get ahead in school, so i decided to take financial lit and gov & civ during the summer.  im really glad im doing it though because i get a whole credit in six weeks and they're both required to graduate so now i can get them out of the way.  and plus that is one period i wont have to have for the whole year so that is also a plus!  at the end of my junior year (next year) i will only have two more credits until i can graduate!  yay!!!! (that yay was for reals!!...haha).  school is three miles away and i ride my bike.  i wore this outfit yesterday to school...i rode my bike in a dress!! haha, it was too cute to not wear!  riding my bike kinda sucks but riding my bike six miles Monday through Friday will give me some really great muscle legs!!!  haha.  the first day i rode my bike to and from school i thought i was dying...not really but i couldn't walk down the stairs!!  haha my legs were burning so bad!!  i really do like going to school though.  its only from 7:50 to 11:55 so if i didn't have school i would be waking up around the time i would be getting out so its not really taking away from my summer and plus it makes me feel productive and i really like financial lit!  its a really useful class because i will use it for every day of my life!  it is also really interesting and im all about saving money! haha and all the boys love me!  i had to let them know that im taken...for reals...i have been in school for a week and i have already been asked out!  anyways i hope you enjoyed this outfit post.  have a wonderful Saturday/ Sunday!!


  1. that is seriously adorable. I love those tights so much, and with the dark boots, love love love.

  2. Cute outfit! I might want to try fishnet tights too! $15 for boots is a great deal!

    Yes, it's nice to get core classes outta the way so you can get a free period. I enjoyed that privilege when I was a senior in high school! =P

    Yep, buildin' them leg muscles! I can't believe you biked in a skirt! That's am amazing feat!

    And, it's cute that all the boys like you! Hehehe.

  3. You look absolutely cute <3 I love your tights <3

  4. You look so lovely!! Love all the layering and pieces!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. I seriously LOVE this outfit. Easy and chic, perfect for summer!

  6. Ooooh, soooo pretty! Love it all!

  7. I bet you looked adorable riding your bike in that ensemble. People probably thought they were accidentally transported to Europe or something. I also like your personal narrative style.

    Looking forward to reading more!

    Stephanie from Deviantly Domesticated

  8. so so cute! very creative using the dress as a skirt!


  9. Love the floral scarf and the top is pretty.