Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY easy peasy glitter toes

i think im in love!!!  i think glitter toes are the cutest ever!  how could you resist sparkles??  haha.  i love glitter toes, but there was one problem....they are expensive!  i hate paying for things that i could do myself...i mean who doesn't?  seriously.  these took about 15 minutes, they kinda take a long time (for nails) but they are soooo easy!!  can you tell that im excited??  haha. heres how to do them!  you're welcome!

you will need some glitter and clear finger nail polish.  the brand of glitter that i have is Martha Stewart.  its kinda spendy though... you don't need expensive glitter to do this.  i would get cheap glitter, but i already had this in my house, so i used it.

first i brushed an a heavy coat of clear polish and poured glitter over could get messy, correction, this is messy so you will need something under your foot.  i did my nails outside so i wouldn't have to clean up all the spilled glitter and plus it finally stopped raining! haha...anyways back to the nails... i did each nail at a time so that the polish was fresh and sticky. p.s. when you pour your glitter onto the polish make sure you press it down so that it sticks!  got it?? okay moving on...

after you pour the glitter over your nails wait a little bit so that the polish can dry and brush the extra glitter off with a paint brush.  now is the time to fill any spaces you missed!  if it all looks good then brush a top coat of clear polish over the glitter and wait for it to dry.  when it is all done drying apply a second coat then you're done!!  easy peasy, huh??

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  1. Wow. That's actual real glitter... I wonder if that's easier or if using glitter polish is easier..