Saturday, July 9, 2011

roll-up crepes

can i just say that yesterday was the best day ever?!?  me and my boyfriend had out date day!  haha whenever we go on dates we don't just go see a movie... we do everything!  so yesterday we went to this awesome restaurant called roll-up crepes!!  then we went thrifting!  aww he loves me so much that he would go thrifting with me! haha hes the was HIS idea too!  then we went and saw something borrowed at the dollar theaters.  it was funny/ romantic/ sad all in one!  i liked it a lot! it is definitely a movie i will be seeing again!  then we went on a drive up provo canyon.  it was nice.  when we were going back out of the canyon we were stopped.  when we asked someone what was going on they told us that the park up the road was being blocked off because there was a guy with a gun...scary!  but overall this was a great day
 I LOVE CREPES!!!  and i love this place!  it was our first time there and man it was good!  its a fairly new restaurant that opened in April.  and their menu??  CREPES!!!  they have sweet, savory, and specialty crepes.  and honestly these are the biggest and most filling crepes i have ever has...not to mention that they look gorgeous!!  i went yesterday and im already craving to go back!
and the best part is that theyre right down the street from me!   i could walk if i wanted to!  which is a good thing because im a lazy bum and i still don't have my permit...yeah i think i should go get that sometime soon
loys got the mixed berry with ice cream and i got the strawberry and cream.  dont they look delish??
isnt their menu super cute??  i love it!
they have the cutest owls everywhere!!  they even have a huge tree in the middle of the restaurant!  so if you're in the Orem/ Provo area you should definitely go and check them out!  they also have live music every Saturday and an open mic every Monday!


  1. what a cute guy you have! Your date looked like so much fun! And those crepes look divine!

  2. about the permit thing, that's so funny! i got mine super late and i could have gotten my real license a year ago and kind of just never went for the test...oops hehe :p

  3. Ok what!? There is a crepe place in Orem/Provo and I didn't know about it? This is crisis. I'm going there tomorrow. No joke though I really am.
    By the way, your boyfriend sounds unreal. He takes you on day long dates AND he'll go thrifting with you? He's a keeper for sure.