Friday, July 8, 2011

pencil skirt from T-shirt tutorial

 shirt: Forever 21
shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
jacket: Target
scarf: stole from little sister
skirt: made by me

so yesterday it decided to pour rain!!  it was so loud!  right when i was going to go outside and take some really awesome outfit pictures in started pouring!  not sprinkling or even just was like a flash flood! haha okay maybe it wasn't THAT bad but there was a lot of liquid falling from the sky.  so i decided to take them on the porch with the rain...i really wish i had an umbrella!  anyways this is my favorite skirt so far!!  i love everything about it!  i love the color, the length and how tight it is!!  i made it last night for an outfit because i wanted a new skirt to wear the next day...if you haven't noticed i do thin A LOT! haha anyways it only took me about 10 minutes to make!  seriously it is the easiest skirt i think i have ever made!  i love how stretchy and tight it is!!  it shows off my HOT CURVES!!  haha.  i have troubles dressing to my body type just because its so weird!  i have like two hips haha...its not fat, either its i tried to stay away from tight fitting clothes just because i was so uncomfortable with my body.  this was a time that i had low self esteem issues but i have learned to embrace my body and to love me for what i look like!  so BAM!  here is me embracing my body and loving every part of it!

p.s. this scarf is really a dress! shhhh!! haha

this skirt was originally a shirt!  i wasn't sure what to do with a large sized shirt at first.  i wasn't sure if i should take it in and restyle it or if i wanted it to be something else but when i finally decided that it would be a skirt i knew exactly how i wanted it!

so while i was making this skirt i took pictures like i always do for the tutorial, but i felt that the pictures didn't really explain how to do it, so i decided to make a collage type thing with instructions.  here it the tutorial!

1. cut off the sleeves and just under the arm pit...i hate that word...arm pit.  it sounds so gross!

2. instead of the belly part of the shirt that you just cut off being horizontal like in the picture turn it so that its you get what im saying?  so naturally you would want to use the holes already there but you're NOT! turn it and cut the other sides so now you have two separate pieces that aren't attached at all.  now you will sew the two vertical sides...these are the longer sides.  you're doing this so that your skirt is longer and you also wont have to take it in as much...i hope im explaining this all right so far.  important!  stretch the fabric while you're sewing so that your stitches don't rip when you put it on.

3.  sew both of your sleeves together so that it makes a circle.  this will be your waistband.  also stretch your fabric in this step you will sew your waistband to your skirt.  to do this you will place the waistband (right side out) inside the skirt (wrong side out).  when you turn the skirt right side out both the skirt and the waistband will be right side out, not showing any stitches.  also stretch your fabric while sewing in this step


  1. Not too many people could come up with an idea like this! What a cool re-fashion! You should put this on some linky parties!

  2. Awwww, you're too sweet! I love my boots soooo much and they were constantly on my feet during the winter. Anyway i got them on Anthropolgie clearance. Even though I paid more than I would normally, I knew they would get plenty of wear!

    xoxo Callie

  3. Oh and the next time i go thrifting, I want to get a tshirt to make a scarf as in your tutorial! And yes that skirt looks good on you!

    xoxo Callie

  4. Love that skirt- what a great color!

  5. This is an AWESOME refashion!!! You ROCK!!!! And you look stunning in it! I have put this on my to try list ;) Thanks for sharing and linking up to our party ;) We appreciate it so much!!


  6. Just discovered your blog and I love it! You are so cute and creative! I'm a fellow refashioner and thrifter. You have a great tutorials and personal style.


  7. Hi just found your blog by searching for a t shirt skirt! This is perfect and just was I was looking for. I know what you mean about the hips , I'm the same. You look amazing in your skirt and are right to show off your body. You've just inspired me to do the same! Thank you.
    Love from the UK x

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