Saturday, August 20, 2011

beep beep!

shirt: JC Penny's
skirt: Forever 21
belt: Forever 21
locket: Downeast Basics
earrings: Forever 21

guess what everybody!  i got a scooter on Thursday!  isn't it so cute??  i got it so that i could ride to and from school...which starts on Tuesday! ahhhhh i am so not excited!  well i am and im not.  first of all im nervous because loys isn't going to be going to school anymore cause hes going to college and my best friend Brooke is going to cosmetology school so that means that i need to make different friends and im shy so im not all that great at making new friends.  im going to be that girl that sits alone at lunch and reads...oh by the way i read a book this week and it was really good!  but im excited cause i got a new scooter that i can ride and i can wear all my new clothes...well they're new to me anyways haha.  i also don't want to go because homework sucks and im a procrastinator and i always wait until like 10:00 at night to do it.  im also nervous because im taking biochemistry and pre not good at math or science.  i guess well just have to see how it all goes.  wish me luck!!  have a happy weekend, lovelies!!


  1. Good luck! And hey, even if you are reading a book at lunch you'll look cute doing it (:

  2. Fun!!! now you can drive to come see me ;) haha just kidding... Good luck with school!

  3. What the? Why is Loys dropping out of high school and going to college? He still has this Junior and Senior year! And what the? Brooke isn't going to high school now too?! Wow!

  4. Oh I love that skirt! Good luck at school!

  5. Girl, you're going to be fine! :) Have fun!

  6. love that skirt!! have fun at school!

  7. Wooow! This is such a cute outfit!!
    Great print on the skirt.

    You look awesome!^^

    Wanna follow each other via Bloglovin and GFC?


  8. Super jealous you got a scooter! Good luck with school starting.

  9. Hey, I can help you with pre-calc and biochem :) I did really well in those classes and I love both subjects cause I'm a total nerd, but if you want the help...just let me know :)