Tuesday, August 16, 2011

yougurt land

dress: thrifted (refashioned)
heels: Shoe carnival
belt: thrifted

i love this!!  i wanted something with ruffles...i really like ruffles, okay?  haha probably half of my projects have ruffles.  so anyways...i decided to do a ruffle that started at the neckline and went down the middle of the dress.  i love it!  i think it looks really great with he belt! i also added sleeves!!  im getting pretty good at it too!  oh and would you guys like a tutorial on how to add sleeves?   and if you guys have any tutorial requests i would LOVE for you to share them!!

so this was actually what i wore yesterday...shame on me! haha.  after loys got home from work we went to yogurt land...on a DATE!!  its been a long time since Ive heard that word! haha anyways.  um why have i not been there before??  its like the best place in this world!!  not even kidding!  so pretty much its self serve and first you choose which icecream flavor you want and then you pile on the toppings and you weigh it!  its as simple as that!

i got a pineapple and dragon fruit mix for the ice cream and then piled fruit on it!  it was oh so good!  oh and see that little pink ball? yes, no?  anyways its sooo good its like a strawberry flavored ball of juice that bursts in your mouth!  i think that's the best way i can describe it haha.

so last night i kept on having nightmares about going back to school.  i was stressing out that i had a paper dew the next day and that i woke up late and had no way to get to school.  i did not like it...not one bit!

p.s. ill try not to take so many pictures next time...sorry!  oh and tomorrow i will be doing something a little different...i will give you a hint its not ME that will be posting...and its not another blogger

Thrifters Anonymous


  1. This dress is absolutely adorable. Stop being so ridiculously talented. Just kidding. I want you to make dresses for meeeeee.

  2. I've never been to yogurt land! My sister says it's fabulous. Personally, I'm a huge menchies fan! Love the dress and I wish I could do that!

  3. CUTE! I totally love what you've done with that dress. I'm becoming more and more inspired to start working on my own refashions! Thanks a bunch!

    Much Love,

  4. I LOVE this one! Such a cute dress now!
    by the way you and Loys are so cute :)
    Oh and don't worry about school, i totally feel the same way!

  5. Wow, this is amazing! It is a total transformation!
    I keep getting the dreaded back to school dreams too (more like nightmares!)


  6. I love this dress, you are so talented!! I would love to see a tutorial on how you create sleeves :)

  7. I've said it before, but you are absolutely amazing! I'm can't believe that this is the same dress! and I love the print. You are the yoda of the sewing machine!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

  8. absolutely gorgeous. You should link this up to my feature Friday linky party. I swear all your dresses have me wanting to run to the thrift store. Amazing as usual.

  9. GIRL I LOVE it good job. Thank you so much for linking this up to mine and Lindsays Party Show and Share! Come on over and visit and follow me.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  10. WOW! Best dress makeover I've ever seen!

  11. GEEZE! Would you stop being so cute already?! How do you make all of these wonderful creations? I have decided you are magic.

  12. I am so impressed! If I had your skills I'd have the best wardrobe ever.

    md / stufffast.blogspot.com

  13. this is adorable.
    your adorable.

  14. It looks great! I have a dress I bought at Banana Republic last year that looks almost exactly like this except I bet I paid a lot more for it than it cost you to make. Jealous!

  15. I keep marking this post as unread on my google reader because I've been meaning to comment-- YOGURTLAND. The best. Breakfast lunch dinner snack- I would never say no to a trip there!!

    Also- don't apologize about taking too many pictures- its your blog! :)

  16. Okay, again, I'm ridiculously jealous of your incredible skills. Such a cute dress!

  17. You did an amazing job with that dress; it's beyond cute! Thanks so much for linking up!

  18. Great remake! It's really creative.

  19. This is so cute! You are a very talented refashionista!

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  21. i want to know how you did the sleeves. i am refashioning one just like this and i have only made them strapless and like a spagetthi strap would love to add sleeves.