Sunday, August 14, 2011

lovin that mu mu

dress: thrifted (refashioned)
cardigan: Plato's Closet
belt: thrifted
heels: Shoe Carnival
earrings: Forever 21

i really wanted to refashion a mu mu...haha don't ask why cause i don't even know but i just did, so i picked this one up at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago.  don't you just love that floral pattern??  i really just wanted a plain dress that could be cute for layering, so i didn't do much to it.  all i did was take it in...a bunch, this thing was huge people!  then i cut it shorter...too short in fact, i had to sew a strip back onto the bottom haha oops!  then i made a new neck line oh and cut off the snapies.  i really wanted something with a boat neck, so thats what i did.  i really with that these pictures weren't so bright so that you guys could see the pattern better...oh well.  oh. my. gosh.  school starts in two weeks??  this just dawned on me like two days ago!  this is my last week of freedom so i better fill it up with some partying and fun!  im kinda excited though cause im a looser and i dont have anything to do with myself...i get SO bored during the summer!  but i have had lots of fun trips to the walmart!  do you guys wanna hear a funny storry?  i think you do!  okay so the other day we were at walmart returning loys's bike cause my mom kinda ran it over with the truck...anyways there was this guy there that left a bag of groceries at the checkout and he wanted them back
man: i left a grocery bag here the other day
lady: ough stupid cashiers!
man: well actually it was a self checkout
hahaha.  i thought it was funny!  see people, this is why you go to walmart because you come back with funny stories to post on your blog! oh and this week i also joined stumble upon.  its pretty freaking awesome!  nuf said.

so my big sister moved last week.  she took all my outfit pictures!  and shes so good at it!  so without her i had to go to the third best option...loys was at work.  yeah my little sister savanna took these pictures and they turned out pretty good!  i had to coach her through it a little bit though.  no, have to hold it down half way to focus it and THEN take the picture...ok now come closer.  it sure was an adventure!  i love my little sister shes the best!  thank you savanna for taking these pictures!

p.s. this outfit was super cheap!  well everything except for the shoes.
dress: $3
cardigan: $5
belt: $3
earrings: $ .25
shoes: $30


  1. This is a great refashion! And funny stuff does happen at Walmart:)

  2. Love your style! You have to be a fashionista to transform a mu mu into something awesome! Hope you will stop by and share with my Pink Hippo Party @

  3. Very cute outfit. I love how you refashioned it! And those shoes are so worth the $30. They are gorgeous!

  4. Your dress is so so cute, so summery :)

  5. great refashion. I like what you did to the jammies. Who would have thought!


  6. It turned out amazing! And it looks great with the cardigan and belt.
    ...and don't worry too much, I also feel the urge to redo random items :)

  7. Wow, great job! I wish I had skills like that!

    Driftwood and Daydreams