Saturday, February 19, 2011

$6.00 jean re-do tutorial

for the pockets all i did was glue the pearls over the design.  it takes a couple of minutes for the glue to dry so be patient haha. by the way if you put too much glue on it will cover the pearls because it bubbles up to fill in the spaces.  then i cut out lace to fit the pockets and all i did was hot glue them on because i didn't want to sew it ( I'm lazy haha)
for the legs of the jeans i stitched them with embroidery floss and a large needle.  if you use a small needle it wont be strong enough to go through the thick fabric. believe me, i tried it.
first you will need gorilla glue (if you like the way it bubbles up, if not you could get any other glue), pearls and some jeans.  the pearls i got had adhesive because i couldn't find any without it, so i just pulled it off before i glued them

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