Saturday, February 19, 2011

burnt flower headbands tutorial

 for this headband i cut up some tights and attached the flowers to it.  i like using tights because its super easy and it stretches to your head.

i also used tights for this one
 for this one i just used a fabric that is semi stretchy.  this works too except the tights sometimes give me headaches if i have been wearing them all day because they're so tight but this one doesn't to that
 you will need a candle. all you do is hold the edges over the flame and it will make a nice melted edge.
to get the crumpled look i held the piece of fabric a couple inches away from the flame.  be careful because if you put it too close it will put a hole in it!  you could also use an embosser instead of a candle. they do the same thing

 this is the fabric i used. i also used tulle and lace in between the other fabric.  it looks a lot cuter if you put different colors and fabrics in.
i sewed the bottom layer on just to make sure that it doesn't slide around.  then i just hot glued the other layers on.


  1. CUTE!!!! I love these headbands, and you too Madison... you're my favorite (Shhhh... don't tell anyone though!)

  2. thanks!!! haha i always knew! but its okay your secret is safe with me :) hahaha