Tuesday, February 22, 2011

book pages wreath tutorial

 first i cut out a piece of cardboard and pulled out the pages of a book that i didn't like.  haha i got this book a long time ago and i never liked it and i never got rid of it.  i think i put it to good use!
 then i rolled them up and started on the outside laying them side by side.  i would layer so that each layer would be between each of the previous layer.  all together i had four layers
 i rolled them at an angle to get a layered look.

then i would hot glue the last layer of paper so that it would stay and i would hot glue it to the cardboard.  for each layer i did them so that some of them were more lose.  the more lose they are the shorter and fatter they are.
 for the flowers i rolled up some paper...
 then i rolled it inward...
 folding it under each layer as i went..
 and walah!  a paper rosett

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